OHIO HB 307: Streamlining or screwing? Ohio Right to Life continues its war against first parents and adoptees

In his short intro to the bill, Buchy informed the oddly titled the Civil Justice Committee that passage of HB307 would, through its new restrictions and increased tax credit would encourage adoption and “guarantee” that every newborn relinquished for adoption would be adopted! Nobody blinked! I waited anxiously for Rep. Buchy to introduce figures–and pictures–of adoption agency cradles overflowing with newborns fast-tracked to orphanages, but he let me down. Please tell me, Jim I silently pleaded, how many newborns haven’t been scooped up in Ohio in the last 60 years Continue Reading →

Ohio HB 307 Part 1: Incurious insanity trumps facts; Quick/fast adoptions pass House

Opposition testimony from Denise St. Clair, NCALP: “We can conceive of no benefit for adoptive children through such a change. The vast majority of stakeholders with whom we have discussed this issue do not support this process change. In fact, Section (not listed) does not eliminate the potential that other men who do not receive notice may claim paternity or putative father status to the child and register as provided for notice is not received. If the goal is to decrease the chance that a potential father may appear late in the game, we are not sure that this provision will have that effect. Putative or legal fathers who are not so identified will still have the opportunity to take measures to protect their rights–as they should” Continue Reading →

The Perils of NaBloPoMoing (only a little about adoption)

t’s a good thing I got my blog out early yesterday. Last night my modem died, and with it access to the Internet and my dearest bastards.

I’ve counted many reasons why I might not pull off NaBloPoMo this year. The modem wasn’t one of them. What could keep me quiet:: my work schedule, an electrical storm, the electric shut off, falling asleep, and the most common –nothing to say. Some days it’s stretch, Continue Reading →