Ohio will lose millions in revenue if Sub HB250 passes; tax credits will subsidize private adoption corrorations

I’m no mathematician, Thankfully, The Ohio Department of Taxation has done my work for me. According information from the department found in SuB SB 250’s fiscal note, we learn that Ohio taxpayers can be soaked (depending on how the credit is spread out) between $6-9 million a year–and possibly up to $11.5 million. To top it off, money from other state projects–including public library funding– would need to be reduced to cover the revenue loss.The department expects these costs to increase annually.

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Guest Writer: What Does America Get for $500 Million a Year in Adoption Tax Credits? by James Hamilton

Its “Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit”, was “designed to help [the public] educate policymakers,members of the media, and others on the importance of extending the adoption tax credit to help every child find a family.” As we’ll see, the credit does more to line the pockets of the adoption industry than it does to ensure that every child has a home. Continue Reading →