Ohio Sub 307–catching up

I have copies of Sub 307 testimony which I’ll scan and post later this week. As usual, the “entertaining” read that only self-serving adoption and anti-abortion racketeers can give us. NancyAmge;-in-Adoption Burley, from Adoption Circle, in particular has carved out a neat niche in the Ohio Adoption Hall of Shame.. I’m not sure what is more important for her: making adoption cheaper and faster or bragging about her credentials. Continue Reading →

Ohio HB 307: “Adoption reform” language used to promote reactionary adoption legislation

The bill is promoted as an “adoption reform” package. with, no input from actual adoption reformers. This appropriation of “reform” language is akin to racist and sexist appropriation of language. In the topsy-turvey world of American politics African-Americans, for instance, who support black candidates for office are racists; women who support abortion rights hate women (and children.) During the baby dump campaign a few years ago, Bastard Nation, and myself in particular, were called “anti–adoptee,” with an implication of self-loathing.. “Do you want to see adoptees in little white coffins? the Morriseys liked to hector. (not that that question even makes any sense), but the meaning was clear. I’d rather see newborns die than be adopted out of the “safe haven” program, and that’s what they spread around legislatures. Continue Reading →

PAPal Therapy: Ohio Right to Life’s Quick and Easy Adoption “Reform” Hearing

This afternoon I attended the first hearing of HB 307, Ohio Right to Life’s cheap and easy adoption scheme that I wrote about last month. I suggest you go there first for background.before you continue here. For those not so inclined, here’s a cheat sheet: HB 307: Continue Reading →