Veterans Day: Birth family thoughts

As an adoptee, I desperately wanted to know about my family of origin but was not keen on re-joining them.  I became quite adequate in snooping through desks, dressers. and closets all to no avail. Many years later it appears that all I had to do was ask and I would have been given what little information my adoptive parents possessed, but what is the fun in that? Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past: Adoptee equality is anti-adoption

This is too funny! Adoptee equality is anti-adoption! Adoptee equality is the internet’s fault! At least he left out his seriously weird comment on alt.adoption that it should be illegal to look up names in the phone book. Continue Reading →

Sojourner Truth Speaks to Adoptees: If my cup won’t hold but a pint, and yours holds a quart, wouldn’t you be mean not to let me have my little half-measure full?

What is really ironic is that Bastard Nation is considered “radical,” for demanding restoration of adoptee civil rights, and making Class Bastard the co-equal of the majority Not Adopted Class. But who is the real radical?

What is more radical than the goverwnment confiscating and sealing the public birth records of 6 million Americans because they are adopted?.

What is more radical than …. Continue Reading →

Guest Writer: What Does America Get for $500 Million a Year in Adoption Tax Credits? by James Hamilton

Its “Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit”, was “designed to help [the public] educate policymakers,members of the media, and others on the importance of extending the adoption tax credit to help every child find a family.” As we’ll see, the credit does more to line the pockets of the adoption industry than it does to ensure that every child has a home. Continue Reading →

Proper Channels: The Rodney Atkins Reunion and Language

National Council for Adoption celebrity spokesperson country singer Rodney  Atkins ,has revealed that he was reunited with his natural mother in 2008. The wire picked up the story and it’s all over the map now.  Just one story, though, so there’s no exclusive interviews, no deep insight into Atkins decision to search.  And, thankfully no primal wounding.  It appears that despite Rodney being a family secret until the reunion, the reunion has gone very well. Oh dear!  Do I hear a shoe pounding on heaven’s floor again? Atkins reunion story is nice, normal, and inoffensive except for one sentence: So in August of 2008, Atkins went through the proper channels and reunited with his birth mother in Nashville. Proper channels?  It’s an odd choice of words. Maybe that was the reporter’s choice of words.  Maybe Atkins, the NCFA spokesperson, chose them, stressing that he is a well-behaved adoptee, not some Christmas Day intruder or porch pisser. However… I’ve never seen that term used in any reunion story. Ever. And I’ve been reading them for decades. Proper channels.  The whole thing sets wrong with me, especially since Atkins was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and his information may have been available to him for the asking, no thanks to NCFA’s legal Continue Reading →

April 1 News Flash: National Council for Adoption Disbands, Regroups as National Council for Adoption Abolition. Will Unseal all OBCs Immediately!

This just in! The National Council for Adoption has announced that it has ceased its 31-year promotion of adoption. As of April 1, the organization will be known as NCFAA: the National Council for Adoption Abolition. It’s first act will be to order states to open immediately, the original birth certificates of all adoptees with no condition. “It’s the least we can do. Our shameful acts have destroyed the lives of millions” says NCFAA president and CEO, Chuck Johnson. “We need to make amends. Whether they want them or not, we’re going to make sure that every adoptee in the United States receives ASAP a certified copy of their OBC.” Johnson says that NCFAA is so excited about its new mission that it will pay the cost of reproduction, certification, and FedExing of all documents. In addition to unsealing OBCs, within six weeks of April 1, NCFAA plans to open regional adoption abolition re-education camps for adoption agents, lawyers, and facilitators as well as Catholic Bishops, Mormons, civil libertarians, and coerced-pregnancy advocates. Special adoption abolition intensives for politicians are planned in each state starting with New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, California, Utah, and Florida. Utah politicians will receive special instruction on Continue Reading →

National Council for Adoption Gala Pics

I don’t know if this will work for readers without a Facebook account, but the National Council for Adoption has published an animoto review of the November 18, 2010 30th anniversary, Black Tie & Pearls gala at the Willard on it’s FB page. I recognize Chuck Johnson, the NCFA staff, Michale Barone, Heidi Cox, Mary Landreiu and a couple other guests whose names escape me, but who are those beauty queens and why are they with NCFA? I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that NCFA has suppressed certain activities that occured at the gala and that Bastardette and her crack team of undercover journos clandestinely taped and posted here.

Exclusive Video from the Willard: What the American Adoption Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

This afternoon Bastardette and her news team arrived in Washington to cover the National Council for Adoption’s 30th anniversary festivities at The Willard. Earlier this evening, we shot this exclusive footage of what happens behind the closed doors of adoption industry privilege and money– where the industry believes it is safe from the prying eyes of the public. We believe this expose of the industry and it sycophants frolicking and fighting while our birth certificates remain sealed will shock the public into action. We have had an exhausting day. I need to retire to my $339/night room to clean up. I’ll resume resume regular blogging tomorrow.

National Council for Adoption Saves Adoption in the US!

As you may remember, Thursday marks the National Council for Adoption’s 30th anniversary bash at The Willard. Black Tie and Pearls will serve up (we assume) a high class menu and honor several adoption merchants. One of the lucky winners is Fred Riley, former NCFA board member and project director for L-d-S Humanitarian Services who’s being inducted into the NCFA Adoption Hall of Fame. I guess Mormons consider keeping our birth records sealed an “humanitarian” mandate. Tonight I found a NCFA press release printed in the Deseret News (Utah) regarding Mr. Riley’s induction. I say press release because it reads like one and refers readers to “our” website as in “More information is available on our website” Mr. Riley, of course, is thrilled to be honored by the organization he has served so well and has done so much to keep bastards in thrall of state and (his) church. In case you’re wondering he joins such HOF luminaries Bertha Holt, Sen. Tom Delay, Rep. Tom Bliley, Sen. Larry Wide-Stance Craig, and a bunch of Mormons most of us have never heard of. To be fair, a number of relatively normal people, who may have no idea what they’ve been sucked Continue Reading →

Stylin’ with NCFA: Bow Tie & Pearls Gala for Adoption

The National Council for Adoption is not a part of the official National Adoption Awareness Month coalition. (I got this from the horse’s mouth!). But it does use November to promote adoption and to fund raise. (Is NAAM about anything else?) This year’s NCFA’s 30th anniversary Bow Tie & Pearls Gala will be held November 18 at The Willard (Bastardette’s all-time favorite hotel- NCFA discount price:$349/night). The cost of gala and room, unfortunately, precludes the possibility of me attending. Bastard Nation’s vast coffers may well have bought the 1999 passage of Measure 58 in Oregon (Bill Pierce says we did, so it must be true), but I think our treasurer might balk at signing off on a $15,000 Gold Sponsor ticket. Not that L-d-S Family Services, who’s coughing up that amount, doesn’t deserve a seat next to me. Or for that matter, Gladney and Bethany who are cheaping out as $5,000 Silver Sponsors. The Silver Sponsor list also includes the awkwardly worded Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker and Mona Charen. I had to read this several times. Last I knew Mona Charen is Mrs. Robert Parker, not a third party in an open marriage. Charen is a conservative columnist for Continue Reading →