April 1 News Flash: National Council for Adoption Disbands, Regroups as National Council for Adoption Abolition. Will Unseal all OBCs Immediately!

This just in! The National Council for Adoption has announced that it has ceased its 31-year promotion of adoption. As of April 1, the organization will be known as NCFAA: the National Council for Adoption Abolition. It’s first act will be to order states to open immediately, the original birth certificates of all adoptees with no condition. “It’s the least we can do. Our shameful acts have destroyed the lives of millions” says NCFAA president and CEO, Chuck Johnson. “We need to make amends. Whether they want them or not, we’re going to make sure that every adoptee in the United States receives ASAP a certified copy of their OBC.” Johnson says that NCFAA is so excited about its new mission that it will pay the cost of reproduction, certification, and FedExing of all documents. In addition to unsealing OBCs, within six weeks of April 1, NCFAA plans to open regional adoption abolition re-education camps for adoption agents, lawyers, and facilitators as well as Catholic Bishops, Mormons, civil libertarians, and coerced-pregnancy advocates. Special adoption abolition intensives for politicians are planned in each state starting with New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, California, Utah, and Florida. Utah politicians will receive special instruction on Continue Reading →

NCFA Names Chuck Johnson Permanent Prez

The National Council for Adoption today announced the appointment of Chuck Johnson as its permanent CEO and president. Johnson has been Acting President since April when Mary Robinson, after a few inglorious months in office, left the position unannounced and from my perspective, unmissed. Johnson also held the post of acting prez after Tom Atwood resigned in November 2008. He is the former director of NCFA’s Infant Adoption Training Initiative. Johnson’s appointment marks the end (so-to-speak) of NCFA’s transformation into the nicer kinder NuNCFA, bereft of Piercian existentialism, angst and cranksterism. NuNCFA, for better or worse (it’s easier to kick them around for worse) is more concerned with international and foster adoption and Beltway politics than calling Bastard Nation anarchists and terrorists and “birthdads” drive-by sperm donors, and locking pregnant unmarrieds in closets. We seriously doubt that Johnson has been booted out of Congressional offices or in times of high snit, has orchestrated a dirty tricks campaign against John McCain or other blowhard politicians. As Johnson said to me at one point ,”Folks want to work with us again.” Well, not everyone, Chuck! But enough to take NCFA off the endangered species list. In other words, NuNCFA has corporatized and Continue Reading →


Big news out of Washington this morning! Tom Atwood has resigned as president and CEO of the National Council of Adoption “to pursue other professional opportunities.” No details given. The reigns of command, at least temporarily, have been turned over to Chuck “Gomer” Johnson who will act as interim Adoption Honcho. Dr. Pierce must be stomping through heaven’s floor. Johnson is a proponent of open adoption. The good news: as the director of an Alabama adoption agency, he was part of what he calls “the Alabama compromise” that restored the right of that state’s adoptees to unrestricted access to their original birth certificates upon request. The bad news: he supports “mutual consent” and is “open” to the idea of confidential intermediaries. Johnson also believes in working together and getting along with diverse groups. He doesn’t do name-calling. That’s a shame because NCFA is always so much fun to kick around when they call us commies, anarchists, and election thieves. It’s gonna be real interesting to see what this non-traditional appointment means. Maybe we can bring Gomer over to the Dark Side. Here’s the text of the press release: Thomas C. Atwood Resigns from the National Council For Adoption Alexandria, VA Continue Reading →