CHIFF: Mary Landrieu insults Kerry; throws foster children under train

What Landreiu forgot to mention in her letter is that this “crisis” was (1) created by sleazy adoption agency practices that forced the Congolese government to shut down all stages of cross border adoption at least while it investigates corruption and regroups and (2) the “crisis” is mainly a crisis for folks of privilege who have spent a lot of money on exotica and have been burned. Hubris. Continue Reading →

CHIFF propagandist claims international adoption is a “choice” for Third World mothers; consumerizes women and children. Those who oppose are racist.

There is nothing more entertainingly absurd than watching privileged white women (and men) claiming to speak for Women of Color both here and abroad.But, after all, you’re already claiming to speak for bastards and birthers–that is, adoptees and their first parents.

And then to move “socialism” on to the discourse! Oh dear!

US adoption practice is an amalgamation of the worst aspects of capitalism and socialism, I can think of nothing more “socialistic” and “capitalistic” than marauding one’s way into a have-not country, extracting that country’s children” and then redistributing them to elite worthies in have countries in exchange for a lot of money and profit. No doubt Trotsky and JP Morgan are clapping their hands in hell watching this play out. Continue Reading →

Life Imitates Art: Mary Landrieu Calls Pavel Astakhov an ass; Then files bill to speed up international adoption

Two weeks ago New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz wrote  G20 Ends Abruptly when Obama calls Putin a Jackass. Last week, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) , in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty called Russian Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, who supports Russia’s refusal to re-open its child coffers to needy American paps,  an ass. And it wasn’t satire.  To  make sure  RFE/RL knew this just wasn’t a slip of her sloppy political tongue, Landrieu reiterated:“He doesn’t want to hear the truth,” the senator says. “He’s an ass. You can write that: He’s an ass!“  And RFE/RL did just that. Despite the impeccable US news  source , no other US media picked up  Landrieu’s  insult to a high ranking member of the Putin government, and so far only the English language edition of  RIA Novisti  has published the account (though it may appear in the Russian language press.) Astakhov’sRussian or English language tweets make no note of the outburst.  Does Bastardette have to do Drudge’s work?To add insult to injury Landrieu claimed during the interview that Russian officials  are wrong when they say that American adopters  who abuse and kill  their Russian acquisitions aren’t punished. Obviously Landrieu is the one who’s mistaken.   My  blog  Nikto Ne Zabyt–Nichto Ne Continue Reading →

Stylin’ with NCFA: Bow Tie & Pearls Gala for Adoption

The National Council for Adoption is not a part of the official National Adoption Awareness Month coalition. (I got this from the horse’s mouth!). But it does use November to promote adoption and to fund raise. (Is NAAM about anything else?) This year’s NCFA’s 30th anniversary Bow Tie & Pearls Gala will be held November 18 at The Willard (Bastardette’s all-time favorite hotel- NCFA discount price:$349/night). The cost of gala and room, unfortunately, precludes the possibility of me attending. Bastard Nation’s vast coffers may well have bought the 1999 passage of Measure 58 in Oregon (Bill Pierce says we did, so it must be true), but I think our treasurer might balk at signing off on a $15,000 Gold Sponsor ticket. Not that L-d-S Family Services, who’s coughing up that amount, doesn’t deserve a seat next to me. Or for that matter, Gladney and Bethany who are cheaping out as $5,000 Silver Sponsors. The Silver Sponsor list also includes the awkwardly worded Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker and Mona Charen. I had to read this several times. Last I knew Mona Charen is Mrs. Robert Parker, not a third party in an open marriage. Charen is a conservative columnist for Continue Reading →