Top Ten Reasons to Oppose CHIFF

Distribute Freely!—Mo Flatley and the #stopchiff working group -working to make adoption better and safer for kids and families, both birth and adoptive

Reason #10 #stop chiff While adoptive parents may wait birth parents search for abducted kids

Reason #9 to #stopchiff The bill does nothing to address rehoming, a serious problem that puts kids at risk.

Reason #8 to #stopchiff Real adoption experts know #chiff won’t solve real problems in adoption.
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CHIFF: Mary Landrieu insults Kerry; throws foster children under train

What Landreiu forgot to mention in her letter is that this “crisis” was (1) created by sleazy adoption agency practices that forced the Congolese government to shut down all stages of cross border adoption at least while it investigates corruption and regroups and (2) the “crisis” is mainly a crisis for folks of privilege who have spent a lot of money on exotica and have been burned. Hubris. Continue Reading →