Stop CHIFF: A short introductory essay on the plan to drop-box the world’s children into American exburbia

The bill is backed by the adoption industry, the evangelical orphan movement, and other “stakeholders” pushing to increase US adoption agency presence around the world, especially in Third World countries. IOW, getting the state to fund and pimp private industry to other countries’ poor. CHIFF promotes kinship dissolution, closing group homes and orphanages (such as operated by UNICEF and Childrens Village), and false humanitarianism to make international adoption “easier” for America’s desperate and childless. CHIFF shills reject all attempts of input by adoptees, first parents, and others actually impacted by CHIFF. The so-called angry, maladjusted and ungrateful. One pusher refers to anti-CHIFFERS as “socialists” though I can’t think of anything more socialist than white elites Continue Reading →