Warning! Adoptaraptor on the loose in Jax!

Jacksonville , Florida-area Family Law attorney Michelle Sweatland says in the October 14, 2019, Jacksonville Daily Record, that she’s worried that not enough newborns are being tossed into the adoption spammer. Of course, she isn’t that crude; rather, she promotes bribery “incentives” — including education funds –to encourage women to “choose”  quick and dirty adoption as their life path. Continue Reading →

International Adoption: The White Woman’s Burden. Agency staff picture is worth a thousand words

Just a morning thought on International  Adoption and American foreign policy, such as it is. I had never heard of  MLJ Adoptions before this morning, until I ran across it on a re-Tweet 30 Things to  do During Adoption Month. Since I’m lazy and didn’t make a list of things to do for NAAM I’m ready to take on an assignment. Not content with telling people to set up book displays or make a “life book” for their kid, MLJ   busy-ness is more specific and time-consuming.  If I’m not promoting Orphan Sunday, subjecting my friends and neighbors to Stuck, raising $$$ for other people’s adoptions or setting up an adoption booth at a local high school’s Friday night football game to  drum up producers and consumers, I’m not doing my fair share  to spread the Good News of Adoption. Why NMJ has even created a handy-dandy selection of  MLJ adoption banners and pictures for my FB page. Aimed at the crunchy social justice crowd  the selections include the consumerist: Adopt Globallly — Love Locally By globally  MLJ  means adopt from our program.  MLJ’s grabby fingers reach into Bulgaria, Congo (oh! oh! just closed!), Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Samoa, and Ukraine. It Continue Reading →

Both Ends Burning: International Adoption = Functioning Global Society or Welcome to Cultural Trotskyism

Both Ends Burning’s  Craig Juntunen  wrote a truly clueless blog the other day.  I don’t have the time tonight to go into it in great detail.  I’ll post part of it below, however,  with some comments. Certain transnational and transracial adoptees I know could have a field day with this, and I hope they do. Juntunen writes:: We have developed a distinctive arrogance of what is right and wrong for a child seemingly based on borders and geography. Many argue taking a child out of one culture to join a family in another culture is robbing a child of the birth heritage and should never happen. We have a hard time accepting cross-pollinating race and heritage as a cultural asset, and view it instead as a personal liability. Think of the many friends you know who were born in one country and during their childhood moved to another country. Ask them if moving to another country was traumatizing and damaging to their human condition, or ultimately  an experience that allowed them to expand their human condition.  Better yet, ask any child living in an orphanage whether they would prefer to have culture and heritage or a permanent family. If we are really going Continue Reading →

The Demons of Adoption Results are In and the Winners Are…

The votes are tabulated, your voices have been heard.   Yesterday the winners of  Pound Pup Legacy’s  2011 Demons of Adoption Awards were announced.  And what a fine group of well-deserving winners they are: The Industry:  L-d-S Family Services The Regulator:  The State of Utah The Mouthpiece:  Elizabeth Bartholet Although Bastardette voted for hometown favorite Adoption by Gentle Care  (let me count the reasons!)  we couldn’t be more happy that L-d-S came out on top. The actions of Adoption by Gentle Care pale in comparison to Mormon family building. And the entire state of Utah!  You go voters! Elizabeth Bartholet.  What can I say.? I’ve been online over 18 years, and she was one of the first industry folks I ran in to, at least by name. “Industry” may misrepresent her though.  Betsy is her own special force, an adopter who can even make industrialists cringe. Like when she spoke at the July 2010 National Council for Adoption conference at National Harbor.  There, in some truly twisted win-win eugenics argument,  she proffered that adoption empowers impoverished countries. That is, when the Third World sends children to be adopted in the First World, the Third World boosts its economic standards.  Running this Continue Reading →

Erggkkk! Bastardette is Back! I Think…

July has been unintended down time. It didn’t start out to be that way, but travel, the horrible heat ( air conditioning only in my bedroom and I hate typing in bed) and a yukky mystery ailment that’s kept my hands, arms, legs and feet (but not my middle) red, welty, blistery, scratchy, and scabby, reduced me to spending my time developing a relationship with re-runs of of Bones, NCSI and Mad Men marathons. I’m back now. I think. The mystery ailment is not as severe and the weather is cooler. If Don Draper can come back, then I can. I don’t even need a prostitute to slap me around to get me here. Besides, there’s is so much to say. I’ve been mulling over where to begin on my review of the Evan B. Donaldson’s double dealing For the Records 2, Then, there’s my trip to the Annual National Council for Adoption Conference (beware of Elizabeth I’m-a-Progressive Bartholet, the Evil Witch of Harvard). And how about that nutty op-ed in the Times of Trenton under the signature of the troglodyte New Jersey Coalition to Defend Privacy in Adoption: Open birth records will mean fewer adoptions that is almost enough Continue Reading →


Obviously, I’ve been away again Not really away away, just working on some other projects. Today, I want to point you to Pound Pup’s Niels Hoogeveen’s skewering of Harvard AdoptaMaven Elizabeth Bartholet. Never has Bastardette taken such satisfaction is seeing one of our major child redistribution globalists and corruption apolgists so deservedly BBQ’d and served on a platter. Here’s a couple excerpts from Are interational adoption critics really wrong? … Ms. Bartholet doesn’t consider adoption to take place as a child welfare activity, but as something part of the legal system. Formally that is not necessarily incorrect. In the end adoption passes a judge, but it ignores the fact that most of the activities in adoption have nothing to do with the legal system. The acquisition of customers, the allocation of adoptable children, the preparation and screening of prospective adopters, all of that has nothing to do with the legal system, but are part and parcel of every adoption. So the abuses that take place in inter-country adoption cannot singularly be placed as part of the abuses of the legal system in general. On top of that two wrongs do not make one right. Abuses in the legal system are Continue Reading →


As predicted, the fix was in, and Madonna has acquired another human accoutrement. Citing Ms. Ciccone’s “investment” in the welfare of Malawian children, the Malawi Supreme Court overrode their country’s strict adoption laws and sent Chifuno “Mercy” James on her merry way to Madonna’s lovin’ lap of luxury. Chief Justice Lovemore Munio, reading the three-judge panel decision said that Madonna’s commitment to helping Malawi’s disadvantaged children should have been taken into account in her initial petition to adopt Mercy. This is from the AP story: The appeals court said that was a narrow interpretation based on old laws “In this global village a man can have more than one place at which he resides,” Munlo said in the ruling, which took more than an hour to read in court Friday. “The matter of residence should be determined at the time of application of the adoption. In this case, Madonna was in Malawi not by chance but by intention. She is looking after several orphans whose welfare depends on her. She can therefore not be described as a sojourner. Talk about legal contortions! Madonna may not be a “sojourner” but neither is she a resident of Malawi. The court simply ignored Continue Reading →