The Miracle of Adoption: Madonna and David Banda do the Ralph Lauren angle

According to the Material Girl, via the Mail, David has become quite the styler (‘the Ralph Loren angle” according to Madonna) , picking out their matching suits himself. Madge had no option but to obey–except for the shoes and walking stick. Continue Reading →

Orphan snatcher Madonna banned from theare chain.

OK.  It’s a slow news day…but remember when ladies were asked to remove their hats during a movie.?  Now it’s Blackberries. Various media are reporting that Tim League, CEO of the Texas-based move theatre chain Alamo Drafthouse, has banned Madonna from his theatres until she “apologies to her fans.” Our favorite not-an- orphan orphan  harvester you see, was busted smack in the middle of the New York Film Festival for texting away during the premiere of 12 Years a Slave. (trailer)   Variety gives an account of the incident  by film critic Charles Taylor who saw  it go down: To add insult to injury, he didn’t even recognize Madonna as the mysterious lady in black until later..  Tonight at the New York Film Festival premiere of ’12 Years A Slave’ (a masterpiece, by the way), I sat behind the unholy trifecta of Jason Ritter, J. Alexander from ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and Michael K. Williams from ‘The Wire.’ Plus, a mysterious blonde in black lace gloves who wouldn’t stop texting on her Blackberry throughout the first half of the movie. Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and Continue Reading →

Madonna Update: Mercy Leaves Orphan Look Behind

Remember Mercy James, Madonna’s latest Malawian acquisition, and how worried we were about her? While working on something else today I found a recent picture of the youngest Ciccone that certainly puts my mind at ease, and I’m sure it will yours, too. Through the modern miracle of adoption, Mercy has gone from the unfashionable orphan look: to the fashionable internationally adopted by a celebrity look: She’s been spared Suri’s high heels, but what’s in the purse? Meanwhile sister Lourdes and the entrepreneurial Mama have released a new teen line of clothes, Material Girl. At least they’re affordable. Can a Mercy line for the internationally adopted be far behind? For more on Madonna check her on out on my bottom right sidebar Yakkity Yak.


As predicted, the fix was in, and Madonna has acquired another human accoutrement. Citing Ms. Ciccone’s “investment” in the welfare of Malawian children, the Malawi Supreme Court overrode their country’s strict adoption laws and sent Chifuno “Mercy” James on her merry way to Madonna’s lovin’ lap of luxury. Chief Justice Lovemore Munio, reading the three-judge panel decision said that Madonna’s commitment to helping Malawi’s disadvantaged children should have been taken into account in her initial petition to adopt Mercy. This is from the AP story: The appeals court said that was a narrow interpretation based on old laws “In this global village a man can have more than one place at which he resides,” Munlo said in the ruling, which took more than an hour to read in court Friday. “The matter of residence should be determined at the time of application of the adoption. In this case, Madonna was in Malawi not by chance but by intention. She is looking after several orphans whose welfare depends on her. She can therefore not be described as a sojourner. Talk about legal contortions! Madonna may not be a “sojourner” but neither is she a resident of Malawi. The court simply ignored Continue Reading →


Thanks to Lorraine Dusky for this heads-up on Madonna’s May 5 appearance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Ball with boy toy Jesus Luz. The article was published the next day in the London Daily Mail under the headline Is this really a suitable dress for someone trying to win an adoption case, Madonna? Well Bastardette answers with a resounding NO, especially since Madge debuted Louis Vuitton’s cartoon the day after her adoption appeal hearing in Malawi. Aren’t’ those boots sweaty? And what’s on that her head? A flying fox bat? There’s a lot to say about this, but why take the time when the Daily Mail (go there and here for more pictures!) says it all: One would have thought that Madonna would invest her time and energies into getting her house in order to ensure she has every chance of success in her bid to bring Mercy James to the US to live with her. Instead, she wore an outfit that breached the limits of vulgarity, and displayed her typically arrogant thinking. And not only that, in another move which may not help her case, she also chose the high-profile fashion event to début her romance Continue Reading →


This is an addenda to today’s early entry on Madonna’s adoption catastrophe: Natalie Clarke at Daily Mail online has revised and greatly expanded theMail’s earlier article on Madonna’s adoption disaster which I cited in my blog earlier today. In the article entitled No Mercy for Madonna: Did the private jet, the Chateau Lafitte and the displays of obscene wealth turn a nation against her Clarke delivers a damning account of Madonna’s behavior and money squandering in Malawi this week amidst “adopted country’s” abject poverty (and her bizarre home rules). It’s a very long article which will enrage and disgust, even if you have nothing to do with adoption. If true, it’s gonna take more than Liz Rosenberg to spin this one. Here’s part of it: But then, Madonna’s arrogance has been on conspicuous display all week. Her wild extravagances in this desperately poor country are insensitive and really rather impolite. Three days ago, for example, Madonna went to Blantyre to see the orphanage where newborn Mercy was placed following the death of her mother. Blantyre is a three-hour drive from Lilongwe. Early Wednesday morning, a convoy of the singer’s staff set off from their luxury lodge for the scenic drive Continue Reading →


…comedian Sascha Baron Cohen has released the trailer of his new film Bruno. The trailer shows Borat’s s gay Austrian fashion journalist Bruno collecting OJ, his very own African orphan, out of a cardboard box on a airport baggage carousel. (about 1/20 into the video) Hmmmm. Anybody we know? Angelina’s got one,Madonna’s got one,now Bruno’s got one So you think Madonna will ever speak to her old friend again? Go to the link above for pictures and a story. The film opens July 10 For my latest Madonna blog look just below this entry. Here’s the trailer:


As I Twittered a little while ago, Madonna’s petition to adopt Mercy James was denied. Her lawyer Alan Chinulahas has filed an appeal. I haven’t found the complete text of Judge Esmie Chondo’s ruling online. The best coverage so far, though, comes from the Mail online, including pertinent quotes from the ruling: The court turned down the singer’s request for an interim adoption of a second child because she has not satisfied a requirement that prospective parents be resident in the country for 18 to 24 months. Madonna’s lawyer has said she would lodge an appeal. The judge noted that Madonna had jetted in just days prior to Monday’s hearing. This means the 50-year-old singer cannot take custody of Chifundo – whose name translates into English as Mercy – or leave the country with the child, usually the first formal step to granting a full adoption. Judge Chombo (right) said: ‘The issue of residence, I find, is the key upon which the question of adoption rests and it is the very bedrock of protection that our children need; it must therefore not be tampered with. ‘As wisely put by G K Chesterton: ‘Don’t ever take a fence down until you Continue Reading →


The New York Times today reports that the British children’s charity. Save the Children UK, has asked Madonna to reconsider her adoption of Mercy James (see entry below). Of course, Save the Children would never want anyone, aka Madonna, to think that it thinks the singer is up to no good: ‘Please think twice,” Save the Children spokesman Dominic Nutt said, explaining that many of the international adoptions that occur around the world are unnecessary. Nutt said he was not suggesting that Madonna was doing anything wrong — but he said the whole process of international adoptions is often flawed. ”I would not want to, for one second, suggest that Madonna hasn’t done anything by the book,” Nutt said. ”But sometimes the book can fail.” Madge’s spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, says Madonna will not comment on Save the Children’s suggestion.


The press is reporting that Madonna is set to pick up a new acquisition in Malawi next week. Four-year old Mercy James, if everything goes right, will join the Ciccone family: Lourdes, Rocco, and David Banda. Madge, as the Brits like to call her, is set to fly into Lilongwe this weekend to pick up the goods at Kumbali Lodge, where Mercy and “Madonna’s people” have already been deposited and await her blond arrival. Madge’s court date may be as early as Monday. MERCY ME!Madge has suffered long for this moment in material motherhood. Back in August 2008 Madonna and then-husband British film director Guy Ritchie, seen here looking pretty unhappy, were set to adopt Mercy, (at least according to Madonna; Ritchie’s enthusiasm was said to be not so high )when Madonna decided suddenly to put her energy into keeping her marriage afloat or as an anonymous “close family friend” told The Sun (OK, not the best source): The adoption process in Malawi is so long and stressful that all the legal wrangling put a huge strain on their marriage.” “They dropped proceedings to pour all their energies into each other. But Madonna now feels they are stable enough to Continue Reading →