Safe Haven Baby Boxes Inc Connection to Florida Community Pregnancy Clinics

For some time now critics of Safe Haven Baby Boxes have discussed amongst ourselves the possibility that some of these perfectly healthy babies who anonymously arrive pristine and “much loved” in a local box-in-a-wall might be run through the box system via Crisis Pregnancy Centers now nicely known as Pregnancy Resource Centers. CPCs are huge supporters and funders of boxes, under the belief that their availability can decrease abortion (where it’s still allowed),give a “safe option” to women whom they speculate will otherwise dump their babies in a ditch or dumpster if they can’t get an abortion or find themselves in some other undefined crisis. Continue Reading →

Florida Baby Box Update: Ocala Marks the Spot!!

Still, that is a very dangerous number to float without clarification and correction. It’s wrong, Not only does it conflate traditional safe haven cases with baby box cases, the number “validates”  and popularizes baby boxing as a legitimate way to handle problematic and hidden pregnancies and birth and the social and economic situations that surround the baby box “choice”  as boxers like to call it.  I have seen this one hundred number show up in other stories recently and no one at SHBB is calling for a correction since it suits the agenda.  Unfortunately, an incurious media is immune from asking real questions and ends up a pusher of  “feel good” solutions to complex problems. Continue Reading →

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Coming to Florida Soon

During Tuesday’s broadcast Kelsey and Kevin Albin, an SHBB activist in Delaware, Ohio said that Florida has had 20 unsafe abandonments since 2017. Kelsey said “deaths;” Albin said “unsafe abandonments.“ I don’t know where SHBB got its figures, but whether dead or alive, the numbers don’t jibe with statistics posted on the SHN website. According to Silverio’s numbers, there have been 8 known unsafe abandonments in that timeframe. Cases aren’t broken down by live and deceased,.but the total indicates that since 2000 there have been 64 known discards—30 alive and 34 dead. This year 12 Safe Haven events have occurred with no known unsafe discards. I don’t know whose figures are correct (if either) but the discrepancy is too wide not to be questioned The numbers need to be documented. Continue Reading →

No Baby Drop Boxes for Florida This Session: Bills are dead.

Earlier this session Lauren Book chair of the Senate Health Policy Committee, opposed SB864, the Senate version of the baby box bill and held it up in her committee where it died after failing to meet hearing deadlines.  After the House version, HB1217 passed it bounced into The Book Committee where once again the senator refused to let it be heard.  Continue Reading →

Action Alert. Florida: Stop Baby Safe Haven Drop Boxes

Last week Florida H 1217, a bill to authorize the installation and use of Baby Drop Boxes in the state, passed the Florida House 115-2..The Senate version of the bill S 864 died on February 10, 2020 when Senator Lauren Book, chair of the Senate Health Policy Committee refused to give a hearing to the bill. HB 1217 has now bounced into that committee for a second run. Continue Reading →

Warning! Adoptaraptor on the loose in Jax!

Jacksonville , Florida-area Family Law attorney Michelle Sweatland says in the October 14, 2019, Jacksonville Daily Record, that she’s worried that not enough newborns are being tossed into the adoption spammer. Of course, she isn’t that crude; rather, she promotes bribery “incentives” — including education funds –to encourage women to “choose”  quick and dirty adoption as their life path. Continue Reading →

Florida HB357/SB576: CUB joins opposition. Occupy Florida, please go home!

This makes 25 national, state, and international organizations opposed and 0 (zero) organizations that support the bill unless you count the murky anonymously-operated Occupy Florida FB “group” that claims legislators want to hear “rights” connected to adoptees. Occupy, instead, spouts nonsense that the sealing of OBCs and other adoption records are just a matter of “policy” not “rights.” In a November 17, 2017 FB post* Occupy Florida got even sillier: Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Action Alert: Do Not Support SB576/HB357. Senate Health Policy Committee

Senator Dennis Baxley recently introduced SB 576 in the Florida Senate. House Companion HB357 was introduced by Richard Stark earlier. Last week SB 576 was referred to the Senate Health Policy Committee The House bill is currently in the House Health Quality Subcommittee but as of this writing no hearings are scheduled.

SB576/HB357 is promoted as an “adoptee rights” bill—one that will restore the right of OBC access to Florida adoptees. Do not be fooled! The confusing and ambiguous bill discriminates against all Florida adoptees by maintaining the status quo for some and placing undue and unreasonable restrictions on others. Continue Reading →

Florida HB357/SB576: Adoptee Equality: As slow as fleas falling off a dead dog,

I ‘m posting this tonight for those of you unfamiliar with Florida HB357 (and its companion SB 576)–a deformed bill that moves the rights of Florida adoptees as slow as fleas falling off a dead dog. In fact, that’s a perfect metaphor for Florida. The state and adoption industrialists dancing merrily on Class Bastard’s would be corpse. Continue Reading →