Demons of Adoption Awards 2013: Voting now open!

Nominations are closed and the voting begins. Select the most deserving Demon of Adoption for 2013.  I know it’s a difficult task  Competition sponsor Pound Pup Legacy, has gathered an array of  stunning nominees this year:  Nightline Adoption (Capobianco agency), Gladney Center, Adam Pertman, (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute),  Both Ends Burning (“christian” child grabbers),  Children and Families First, and a satanic host of other duplicitous bottom feeders. And to think that Beelzebub didn’t even purchase their the dark souls! Our nominees  simply turned them over to him. Here are the nominees with links to their webpages (thanks to Pound Pup) Raymond W Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoption: for their role in the baby Veronica case; Supreme Court of the United States: for their decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby girl; Lifeline Children’s Services: for assisting evangelical adopters to complete international adoptions when other somewhat sane agencies object; Frances Fitzgerald (Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs): for attempts to promote inter-country adoption outside the Hague Convention; Adoption Advocates International (AAI): for their involvement in the adoption of  Hana Grace-Rose Williams; Gladney Center for Adoption: for the placement with the Shatto family that led to the death of Russian born adoptee Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin); Both Ends Burning Campaign: Continue Reading →

Demons of Adoption 2013: nominations now open!

It’s that time again! Pound Pup Legacy has sent  out the call for nominations for its prestigious Demons of Adoption Award 2014.  This is the seventh year the award has been issued.  Acknowledging the large adoption bottom feeder population  from which to choose and the tough decisions ahead, Niels Hoovgeen, keeper of the pup pound writes:  It will be tough this time around. Over the last years we have dredged the cesspool named Adoptionland and condemned the practices of such agencies like: Bethany Christian Services and LDS Family Services, such trade associations of adoption service providers like the National Council for Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children’s Services, and even showed our utmost contempt for the United States Congress. No feather weights by any means. Although nominations opened only yesterday, Capobianco, Inc took the far lead already.  Other early contenders include Gladney Adoption Center, Adoption Advocates International (Washington State),  Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, and baby broker Jennifer Potter. Go to the nomination site to nominate and support your personal “favorite” bottom feeding adoption demon. Nominations close September 30, and voting will follow shortly. Feel free to forward the news!   Cross posted to Bastard Nation

The Demons of Adoption Results are In and the Winners Are…

The votes are tabulated, your voices have been heard.   Yesterday the winners of  Pound Pup Legacy’s  2011 Demons of Adoption Awards were announced.  And what a fine group of well-deserving winners they are: The Industry:  L-d-S Family Services The Regulator:  The State of Utah The Mouthpiece:  Elizabeth Bartholet Although Bastardette voted for hometown favorite Adoption by Gentle Care  (let me count the reasons!)  we couldn’t be more happy that L-d-S came out on top. The actions of Adoption by Gentle Care pale in comparison to Mormon family building. And the entire state of Utah!  You go voters! Elizabeth Bartholet.  What can I say.? I’ve been online over 18 years, and she was one of the first industry folks I ran in to, at least by name. “Industry” may misrepresent her though.  Betsy is her own special force, an adopter who can even make industrialists cringe. Like when she spoke at the July 2010 National Council for Adoption conference at National Harbor.  There, in some truly twisted win-win eugenics argument,  she proffered that adoption empowers impoverished countries. That is, when the Third World sends children to be adopted in the First World, the Third World boosts its economic standards.  Running this Continue Reading →

Demons of Adoption 2010: And the winner is…

DEMONS OF ADOPTION 2010 The votes are in. Your voice has been heard. Pound Pup Legacy is proud to announce the winner of its coveted Demons of Adoption 2010 Award: The Joint Council for International Childrens Services. (JCICS) In each case of widespread corruption in sending countries, JCICS has promoted an agenda to keep the gravy train running. Despite knowledge of child trafficking in countries like Romania, Guatemala, Peru and Vietnam, JCICS maintained the position that closing corrupt programs was not in the best interest of the child. As per item #1 of their own bullet list, this can be translated as: closing corrupt programs was not in the self-interest of the adoption service providers, forming the members of JCICS. In a neck-and-neck race, the runner up is: L-d-S Social Services It is also one of the least transparent agencies operating in the US. It is the only American adoption agency recognized as a church and as a result doesn’t have to file a financial statement with the IRS. The agency is notoriously secretive and little information about its workings reaches the outside world because they only provide services to members of the Mormon church. Please go to the PPL Continue Reading →

REMINDER: Demons of Adoption Voting Ends October 30

Voting for Pound Pup’s Fourth Annual Demons of Adoptions Awards is still open. The deadline is October 30. We know! There are so many choices, but there should be at least one nominee to fit your personal or political adoption trauma. The nominees are: LDS Family Services: for being the most secretive of all adoption agencies, using coercive tactics in obtaining infants for adoption and having no respect for father’s rights; Gladney center for adoption: for being one of the most profit-centered agencies around and blocking open record efforts in Texas; Christian World Adoption: for their involvement in “harvesting” practices in Ethiopia and their blind ambition to “save” each and every “orphan” in this world; Larry S. Jenkins: for his involvement in nearly every case where father’s rights were violated; Joint Council on International Children’s Services: for promoting the interest of adoption agencies at the expense of children, and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress; Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for giving their seal of approval to persons and organizations that promote the interests of the adoption industry and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress; Council on Accreditation: for their lack of research done on inter-country adoption agency histories prior Continue Reading →

Consumer Alert! Demons of Adoption Candidates Ready for YOUR Vote

Choices !Choices! Choices! What’s a Bastardette to do? Pound Pup’s Fourth Annual Demons of Adoption Award candidates have been announced. Each and every candidate is so demonically delicious that we don’t know who to vote for. (Perhaps Karl Rove would care to advise on how to vote for all of them.) An old favorite like LDS Social Services, Gladney, JCICS, Congressional Coalition for Adoption, New Jersey ACLU? Or up-and-comers like NPR’s Scott Simon, the Southern Baptist Convention, and my personal favorite, The American Adoption Congress.The AAC was nominated for failing to remove state reps who were openly working against open access for adult adoptees. I have no idea who nominated the AAC, but…members of Bastard Nation alerted the AAC as early as 1999 to what Melisha Mitchell up to in Illinois, but nobody with any clout seemed to care. Now Illinois has the worst “access” law in the country and the AAC finds itself waiting in the La città infuocata di Dite–Dante’s City of Dis– for the final count. I’m not sure who I’ll vote for yet. I had planned to nominate Elizabeth Bartholet (see sidebar to the right for three posts here), but suffering through my summer sloth, didn’t Continue Reading →