Students for Life America Has Plans for Adoption and It Doesn’t Include Adoptees

I had to take an unexpected out-of-town trip, which killed one day (November 10) and part of the next. I wrote this in my head on the road, but it’s late getting posted.

Students for Life America (SFLA) and its weird-ass leader Kristan Hawkins (over-paid at over $215k including benefits) [free registration required] is at it again. I don’t know why any organization trying to push adoption by claiming that John Lennon was adopted, should be given any credibility. She is so bad that Media Matters named her “one of the 4 worst anti-abortion mis-informers, a title she wears with braggadocio. Kristian and her minions, though, are a  pesky bunch with deep pockets filled with dark money from sources like the Council for National Policy.(Think Koch Brothers for starters, but it’s much more.)

Today, SFLA, is under the impression that a capacious  Red Wave washed over the US on Tuesday and is in quite a celebratory mood. This is the map they published with their hoo-ha-ha that illustrates the mood and what they have in store for the rest of us–adoptees included.

NI pointed out to Dearest Leader Hawkins on Twitter that many of those points are not achievable under capitalism or under the small government  (Republican Party) free market structure, she says she believes in until she doesn’t. She wants the government to be as snoopy and controlling as she is. Much of the poor lady’s time is spent fantasizing over other people’s sex lives and then dictating what is proper bedroom and after-sex decorum. For all her talk of “saving babies,” she limits her condemnation of school shootings to a bit of tsk-tsking, since outlawing abortion and legalizing guns for angry teenagers share her agenda.

It’s not like SFLA actually supports real-life government initiatives to encourage, much less mandate, help for families unless there is some benefit to their creepy causes. I can imagine Kristan squinting angrily at the woman in her grocery line daring to buy bagels, not Wonder Bread with SNAP. Do the lazy poor deserve cell phones?

The “students” (Kristan hasn’t seen the inside of a classroom for decades ) consistently oppose state assistance to women, or anyone for that matter, unless the money supports SFLA pet projects like crisis pregnancy centers, abstinence education, opposition to contraception, and anti-queer and anti-trans propaganda–in order to “empower women.” Two of Kristtan’s favorite slogans, in fact, are “Abortion disempowers women,” and “Abortion is a tool of the patriarchy.” Forcing women to continue a pregnancy they don’t want is apparently the matriarchal thing to do, since “female power is no better displayed than through motherhood.” Any woman who seeks an abortion is obviously man-washed. If she seeks to use adoption to fix her inconvenient conception, however, she is empowering herself.

But back to the map. It and a further explanation of SFLA’s plan for us can be found at It is tempting to tackle each SFLA moral demand.  I will stick with adoption since…well, this is National Adoption Month.

From the website:

Promote Adoption – A moral imperative exists to promote adoption as the life-affirming and family-building alternative to the violence of abortion.
  • States, localities, non-profits, and faith-based groups should be encouraged to develop plans to help pregnant mothers feel empowered to choose adoption and supported throughout the process.
  • State and local social services should be incentivized to promote adoption.
  • State adoption procedures should be streamlined.
  • Reforms in our foster care system must be made.


We know it, and they know it: abortion and adoption decisions are not linked. Adoption is not a “cure” for abortion. There is no “moral imperative” for anything. Adoption is a misunderstood concept used simply to hype up a gullible public, to create and maintain   a tangled  web of money and social power structures to re-imagine the US as a “Christian country.”  Adoption, of course, is just a small patch of the larger picture of their neo-fascist state.

If you know the code words–and even if you don’t–this specifically is all about Healthy White Infants, and coercing women to surrender babies to the adoption mill;  paying states to promote and practice that coercion, and overall, getting newborns away from undeserving mothers who would rather fuck than get married.

“Streamline” is their term for fast and cheap adoptions: greatly limiting any sense of “ethics” (and I use the term advisedly in adoption) to achieve the great baby redistribution goal and reshape American culture.

Let’s finalize after 3 months–or hey! 3 weeks!

Let’s make it more difficult for women to change their minds and rescind their consent.

Let’s make it more difficult for fathers to challenge adoptions.

Let’s make it easier for women to surrender newborns and hide them from fathers and other family embers through legal abandonment programs. Insisting on non-directive counseling and signing paperwork means you think women are stupid. You’re disempowering them to make their own decisions.

Let’s make adoption cheaper and more “attractive” by offering big tax credits and other kinds of state money and freebies to deserving PAPs and HAPs, particularly those with churchy credentials.

Let’s incentivize private businesses to incentivize adoption. (Is this the business of the state?) Of course, you can’t make adoption cheaper with private adoption agencies running newborns at $60,000-$80,000 a pop, but they can get around that.  Blame Democrats, liberals. people who “hate babies” (especially feminists who by their very nature hate babies)  and most importantly, the state, for high prices, not their corporate price-setting friends. You’d think that Joe Biden in his  Democratic Party plot to destroy the family, stays up late at night setting the cost of HWIs in Peoria.

God only knows what they mean by “foster care reform,” which has nothing to do with saving babies from the abortiorium. Free copies of To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl each with a complimentary garden hose to torture your foster kid with?

This all means bastardizing more kids.

No mention is made of family preservation and ways to socially support and financially assist young pregnant women and mothers in temporary straights. Sometimes it takes only a couple thousand dollars to keep a mother and child together. Instead, tax incentives for the well-to-do to grab up a stranger- newborn are offered.

There is no mention of adoptee civil rights. Did you see a word about original birth certificates, adoption records and files, search and reunion, medical histories, the re-homing epidemic, adoptee abuse and murder, adoptee mental health issues, family policing, societal dysfunction vis a vis adoption, the foster-to-prison pipeline, racism, classicism, sex and genderism in adoption policy and practice, corruption, graft, neo-colonialism? The over-arching control of evangelicals-with-agendas in the adoption industry?  Deportation and citizenship issues for some cross country adoptees.?Did SFLA even ask adoptees how they feel about their adoption demands?

No. Of course, not. The whole SFLA and related schemes strangely enough are right out of the neo-liberal playbook to make adoption easier for would-be adopters. Much of it reads like Harvard Law’s neo-lib adoption doyenne Elizabeth Bartolhet wrote it. Neither adopted children nor adults rank a thought. Removing you from your parents and changing your name and hiding your origins is good for you, and it will empower your mothers. It could even make your bios productive and prosperous instead of trailer parkers.

This is all about consumerism in the guise of “baby saving.”  Creating human consumables for a market that is bereft of suitable product.

I’m seeing some anti-aborts (but not SFLA as far as I know) advocate for artificial wombs. Removing the fetus from an unwilling host and placing it in a comfy bubble for incubation would take care of the pregnancy problem by disposing of the need or desire for abortion altogether.  And there would be plenty of babies to go around post-Roe.  Babies would grow up knowing nothing about how they came to be, That would take care of the adoptee problem. Or or if they did, and complain, so what?  You’re alive! If you are that upset about it seek therapy but don’t expect us to pay for it.


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Originally posted:  Daily Bastardette,  November 10, 2022



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    • Oh, you need to check out Twitter. Right now, after the election, we have women demanding that the 19th Amendment be abolished so that other women can’t vote; abortion = female oppression, and Catholics complaining about the ‘Pope.” In quotes. Then there is AvaGrace who likes to lecture us all on 19th-century anarchist and communist infiltration of the Catholic Church since as you know, Anarchists and Catholics all hate children.

  1. Thank you! No sterile liberals ever consult adoptees or practicing psychiatrists to ask about the effects of adoptions on the adoptees. -adopted 1949

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