NAM/NAAM Day 21: Huge Increase in Foster Care Numbers Since Dobbs

“Economics” hefts up foster care and adoption, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that anti-aborts and adoption fetishizers have any interest in fixing that disaster. That would be Marxist or some other bullshit. Make no mistake. Adoption numbers will rise–one of the reasons we must get as much of our legislation passed as we can now. Continue Reading →

National Adoption Awareness Day: “Calling out” cermonies shill adoptables

I had never heard of “calling out” ceremonies until two days ago. I haven’t done any extensive research on this activity, just a quick Google look, but I’m betting this goes on in other places. Why? The harm caused to children by adoption fairs (which have their roots, as do many current adoption marketing schemes, in pet rescue), cross-country adoption visitations, and other public adaption stunts where potential adoptees expected to act like well-behaved trained monkey to find a forever home, is well documented. Is calling out–hawking children on the steps of the statehouse– any better?

I don’t think so.

Both demean and degrade. They create a special status; that of adoptable consumable with issues that nobody wants rivaling a the cute and cuddly HWI with future issues that everybody wants..You will never see see a healthy white newborn called out in the public square. Continue Reading →