Gladney: Coincidence or Disaster Adoptionism?

Let’ see, five days ago Typhoon Hayian, one of the biggest storms on record, hit the Philippines .The Philippine government estimated initially that 10,000 people died Today, President Benigno Aquino, downgraded the number to around 2500, but aid workers are skeptical. I heard on the news a little while ago that about a half million people are homeless. The area has little food, water, and shelter. There is cirtually no police or security. Looting is rampant.

Now the tweet shows up with a link to Gladney’s Philippines program. Continue Reading →

AdoptionLand Incest Continues: Craig Juntunen from Both Ends Burning shills for Gladney

Craig Juntunen, the most dangerous man nin Adopton Land Speaking of Gladney., as I did the other day… …guess who’s shilling for Dame Edna!. None other than the most dangerous man in AdoptionLand today, Craig Juntunen, founder and president of Both Ends Burning.and producer of Stuck, a  film  on the “orphan crisis” constructed to make your heart bleed and fill BEB’s  pockets full.of sob story money for child harvesting.. On  Wednesday October 9, Juntunen  will keynote the annual New York Metropolitan  Gladney Family Association fundraiser/cocktail party at the University Club in midtown. . (Gladneyators drink?  WWHSD? What would the home studier do?) This pairing should be no surprise, of course. Gladney and Juntunen have been up each other’s pants for quite some time now.  Gladney CEO Frank Garrott sits on BEB’s board (and the JCICS board).  In fact, the  board is mobbed up with  Texas oil,/petroleum, big insurance,  well-to-do adopters, and christian jocks–an incestuous  subject I’ll save for a later date. Earlier this year Garrott  could barely control his enthusiasm over Stuck, a Kleenix-wringer designed around the idea that “orphans”  (and the term is up for grabs) are “stuck,”– that is, held hostage in their own countries (mostly of color), away Continue Reading →

Gladney Back in Honduras

This is from the US Department of State.  No explanation of Gladney’s recent boot from Honduras, but they’re back now. The only possible explanation I’ve heard, and my source didn’t have any documentation,   is that the problem may have been administrative. Messages for U.S. Citizens in 2012 February 17, 2012 Reinstatement of U.S. Adoption Agency by IHNFA (Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia) The U.S. Embassy in Honduras informs citizens that the Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA ) recently reinstated U.S. adoption agency Gladney Center for Adoption, per IHNFA’s resolution SG-009-2012.   This message updates the prior Message for U.S. citizens published on January 30, 2012.  Gladney Center for Adoption is now accredited by IHNFA and is approved to process adoptions for families in Honduras.   The Embassy continues to monitor the adoption situation in Honduras and will update U.S. citizens accordingly.  Meanwhile, we recommended that families who have not finalized adoptions contact IHNFA directly at at 011-504-2235-3565 to be sure their applications are handled by an accredited adoption agency.  

Gladney Booted from Honduras!

Holy moley! I thought my eyes were deceiving me when this notice from the State Department hit my mailbox a few minutes ago, but it’s true.  Gladney has been kicked out of Honduras. Message for U.S. Citizens – Barring of Two U.S. Adoption Agencies by IHNFA (January 30, 2012) January 30, 2012 The U.S. Embassy in Honduras informs citizens that the Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA ) has barred two U.S. adoption agencies from the local adoption process, effective immediately.  The IHNFA will no longer approve adoption requests filed by families  who utilized the agencies to facilitate the adoption of a local child, as the agencies are no longer registered in Honduras.  Only adoptions approved by the IHNFA can be processed for Immigrant Visas, as the IHNFA is the Government of Honduras’ Central Adoption Authority.The following U.S. adoption agencies are no longer accredited in Honduras:1.            Living Hope Adoption Agency, IHNFA’s resolution SG-016-2011 2.            Gladney Center for Adoption, IHNFA’s resolution SG-017-2011 Read the rest of the notice which doesn’t say to much at the link above. I looked around real fast to see what Dame Edna had done to deserve such treatment from such an unworthy country, Continue Reading →

Boaz: Adoptees as Merchandise, a Video

Forgive me, but OMG! I’m still strapped for time today and decided to post a video. So I went over to YouTube, and typed in “Edna Gladney” to give me some ideas. There’s the usual Dame Emma luv bombs, but suddenly: How to Have Amazing Customer Service featuring…. the Gladney Center. produced by Boaz for Boaz PowerTV. Taking your life to the next level. Standing in front of the Fort Worth Gladney “campus.” mic in hand, the other one hanging free to pick your pocket. Now, I’d never heard of Boaz until I spotted this YouTube curiosity. Googling, I found that Boaz is motivational speaker Boaz Rauchwerger (American Airlines, Xerox, and other Wall Street corpos). Like Madonna and Slash, he prefers to go by one name. Not surprisingly, Boaz, the motivational speaker, is perpetually cheery and loves adoption. Some years back, he and Mrs. Boaz acquired two infants from Gladney: Rena and Adam. You just know where this is going. Gladney Boaz in his best D. James Kennedy voice, tells us, is #1 in customer fulfillment. I picture a phone bank of pretty and prego CSR’s standing by to answer your calls now. Images of baybees sliding down chutes on Continue Reading →


This just in and too good to keep to myself. I’m posing it without comment: Heidi Cox from Gladney is teaching a webinar on adoption ethics. Say say it isn’t so, Chuck! The National Council For Adoption is pleased to announce an important and timely Adoption Ethics Webinar on Thursday, March 25, 2010. This three hour seminar will be accredited for three hours of CEU from Catholic University School of Social Work and reviewed for three hours of accreditation from the Texas and Virginia Bar Association for attorneys. The presenters are two highly regarded attorneys who also represent the adoption community. Moderator: Chuck Johnson, National Council For Adoption · Heidi Bruegel Cox, the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Gladney Center for Adoption · William P. Rosen III, Attorney and Co-founder of La Vida International and Chair of the International Adoption Committee, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys As of this posting the announcement isn’t posted on the NCFA page, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Could I make this up?


I was going to write about something else today, but I’m going to fix dinner and go read a book that has nothing to do with adoption. The rest can wait. In the meantime, check out what Troy Dunn has to say about NCFA founding agency, the Gladney Center over on Lorraine Dusky’s First Mother, Birth Mother Forum under The Worst Adoption Agency in the World: Gladney. Dunn posted a comment to an earlier entry from Lorraine about the repulsive HufPo piece, Adopting a New Attitude, by the repulsive faux feminist and adopter Peggy Drexler. Lorraine has reposted Dunn’s entire comment now in a separate entry. I know that some people don’t care for Dunn, but what he says about Gladney records “practice” is important to get out to as many people as possible. Dunn, writing on why he takes few Gladney search cases told Lorraine: The reason for our hesitancy is simple- the majority of the cases we have reviewed/researched/solved from Edna Gladney were stuffed full of pages and pages of falsified documents. And then goes into detail. Can anyone doubt that Gladney is the first cousin of Georgia Tann? I have an article on Dame Edna published in Continue Reading →


On pull–ee–zeeee! I had to take a moment out from writing to the Cal House Appropriations Committee to post this warning: The Next Step in Services for GladneyFORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Gladney Center for Adoption is excited to announce the launch of our newest program for birthmothers — Next Steps. Next Steps was developed to help birthmothers transition back into the “real world” after delivery — armed with knowledge, education, practical tools, and confidence to take on the world with a renewed and healthy perspective by focusing on the whole person — mind, body and spirit. It is Gladney’s goal for birthmothers to leave us well-equipped to take on new opportunities. Beth Cox, Caseworker for Next Steps, says, “Next Steps teaches girls how to dream, and even more importantly, how to achieve their dreams. It is about teaching women how to empower themselves.” While working with Gladney, birthmothers are learning about nutrition, cooking, life skills, developing critical thinking skills, team work, trust and the importance of self-respect. Next Steps is about continuing the progress birthmothers make during their time at Gladney. “We will continue to help support our clients’ efforts and help them tap into community resources such as career Continue Reading →


There’s a lot of hidden adoption history in the US, besides hidden pregnancies, sealed records, and secret adoptions. Below is a bit of that history from Jo Anne Swanson and a request for follow-up: the 25th anniversary of the stand-off between Gladney and Barbara Landry, who refused to turn her baby over to it. I’ve never heard of this case and I’d love to know more. If you know something or you’d like a set of new articles on the case, you can contact Jo Anne at [email protected] This year marks the 25th anniversary of the stand-off at Gladney by Barbara Landry, who refused to leave the home without her baby girl. She claimed coercion in her court case, but of course Gladney managed to dispute that claim and still got her child, as they always do in court cases. The Fort Worth Star Telegram covered the story for months, complete with photos, including some of Gladney picketing by Barbara’s supporters. While this case was going on, another mother, Ellen Breeding, was emboldened to file against Gladney, too. She lost, as well. (Edna Gladney below right) Does anyone know where either of these two mothers could be located now? It Continue Reading →