AdoptionLand Incest Continues: Craig Juntunen from Both Ends Burning shills for Gladney

Craig Juntunen, the most dangerous man nin Adopton Land Speaking of Gladney., as I did the other day… …guess who’s shilling for Dame Edna!. None other than the most dangerous man in AdoptionLand today, Craig Juntunen, founder and president of Both Ends Burning.and producer of Stuck, a  film  on the “orphan crisis” constructed to make your heart bleed and fill BEB’s  pockets full.of sob story money for child harvesting.. On  Wednesday October 9, Juntunen  will keynote the annual New York Metropolitan  Gladney Family Association fundraiser/cocktail party at the University Club in midtown. . (Gladneyators drink?  WWHSD? What would the home studier do?) This pairing should be no surprise, of course. Gladney and Juntunen have been up each other’s pants for quite some time now.  Gladney CEO Frank Garrott sits on BEB’s board (and the JCICS board).  In fact, the  board is mobbed up with  Texas oil,/petroleum, big insurance,  well-to-do adopters, and christian jocks–an incestuous  subject I’ll save for a later date. Earlier this year Garrott  could barely control his enthusiasm over Stuck, a Kleenix-wringer designed around the idea that “orphans”  (and the term is up for grabs) are “stuck,”– that is, held hostage in their own countries (mostly of color), away Continue Reading →