On pull–ee–zeeee! I had to take a moment out from writing to the Cal House Appropriations Committee to post this warning:

The Next Step in Services for Gladney
FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Gladney Center for Adoption is excited to announce the launch of our newest program for birthmothers — Next Steps. Next Steps was developed to help birthmothers transition back into the “real world” after delivery — armed with knowledge, education, practical tools, and confidence to take on the world with a renewed and healthy perspective by focusing on the whole person — mind, body and spirit. It is Gladney’s goal for birthmothers to leave us well-equipped to take on new opportunities. Beth Cox, Caseworker for Next Steps, says, “Next Steps teaches girls how to dream, and even more importantly, how to achieve their dreams. It is about teaching women how to empower themselves.”

While working with Gladney, birthmothers are learning about nutrition, cooking, life skills, developing critical thinking skills, team work, trust and the importance of self-respect. Next Steps is about continuing the progress birthmothers make during their time at Gladney. “We will continue to help support our clients’ efforts and help them tap into community resources such as career development, mentoring programs, skills assessment and education,” says Frank Garrott, President of the Gladney Center for Adoption…

Personally, I feel empowered by the thought of running Dame Edna out of business. Gladney had better think about what they want.


  1. Would love them to do such things for a woman BEFORE she gave birth to empower and enable her to parent her child – but, of course, that would not be correct in their ultimate vision ($$$$).

    What terrifies me about this is that adoption agencies have learned that they must find ways now, not only to manipulate women into losing their children, but to ensure they remain “happy” and silent afterwards. For so long the believed we would not speak out, but now that more are, they are having restructure how they work the stystem in order to keep more first/natural moms in line for as long as they possibly can.

    That is what I believe they are doing here. Offering this kind of “help” and “love” and understanding” after they get a mother’s baby is now meant to keep her on that adoption pedastal as long as she can and give her that feeling of “How can I possibly think or speak bad about what happened to me? Look at just how much they did for me before and AFTER I lost my baby.”

    I hate this and I hate to think how many new moms will not only be sucked into losing their babies now but will struggle even more to find the strength to speak out because the industry has realized that they must now continue their manipulation post-adoption in the hopes of keeping their “happy, happy, joy, joy” image alive.

  2. Same shit, different era. This is just another version of “give us your baby and go and sin no more.” What worries me is that, in this pro-adoption, brainwashed society, this kind of thing might actually be an effective lure. What tripe!

  3. This would be funny if it were not so scary. Since they care so much about birthmothers, why weren’t they doing this 40 years ago when they were really churning them out? Why this sudden insight that women might need help after the traumatic experience of surrender?

    And why only for those that become birthmothers? What about mothers who would have even more use for all this help to keep and raise their kids? They make it clear that any mother who wants to raise her kid gets no help from them, maybe even a bill. Like everything else Gladney has done, this stinks. Just another marketing ploy to keep the product coming in.

  4. Gah.
    Teach girls how to dream indeed!
    The “next step” after that will be teaching them *what* to dream. It’s psychological conditioning, and Gladney is well versed in the art.
    As Agent 86 might have said, they are not using their power for mere niceness.

    My advice to young pregnant women is to get your body, mind and spirit (aka your collective ass) as far away from Gladney as possible before they can plant their kinder gentler electrodes in your cranium.

    Marley said ” Personally, I feel empowered by the thought of running Dame Edna out of business.”
    Me too, Marley. me too.

  5. Speaking of marketing for birthmothers, check out http://www.adoptionsfirst.com, where they can get the “red carpet treatment” and a shopping tour of Beverly Hills for placing their babies?!?!

    Gladney persists in using ad words “Open Adoption” in their paid ads on Google, even though the small print on their website says their adoptions are anything but! Still, you don’t see shopping bags prominently featured on their webpage, so small points for that!

  6. Agencies, like these have been preying on young women for years.

    Young mothers, used for what their body can bear so that other women,
    can have a baby.

    Now its internationally done as the supply side has all but dried up here.

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