Gladney Booted from Honduras!

Holy moley!

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when this notice from the State Department hit my mailbox a few minutes ago, but it’s true.  Gladney has been kicked out of Honduras.

Message for U.S. Citizens – Barring of Two U.S. Adoption Agencies by IHNFA (January 30, 2012)

January 30, 2012

The U.S. Embassy in Honduras informs citizens that the Instituto Hondureño de la Niñez y la Familia (IHNFA ) has barred two U.S. adoption agencies from the local adoption process, effective immediately.  The IHNFA will no longer approve adoption requests filed by families  who utilized the agencies to facilitate the adoption of a local child, as the agencies are no longer registered in Honduras.  Only adoptions approved by the IHNFA can be processed for Immigrant Visas, as the IHNFA is the Government of Honduras’ Central Adoption Authority.
The following U.S. adoption agencies are no longer accredited in Honduras:
1.            Living Hope Adoption Agency, IHNFA’s resolution SG-016-2011
2.            Gladney Center for Adoption, IHNFA’s resolution SG-017-2011

Read the rest of the notice which doesn’t say to much at the link above.

I looked around real fast to see what Dame Edna had done to deserve such treatment from such an unworthy country, and so far there’s no statement. Here is the Gladney Honduras .FAQ

Inquiring minds want to know!

And what in the world does this Gladney Honduras icon mean?  IHNFA has left Gladney hanging?

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  1. Gladney has been singing a much different song to their PAP’s in the Honduras program for months and convinced many of them to move to their Columbia program last month because Honduras isn’t moving along and there are referrals available in Columbia. That is the public version. Expect more to come out soon.

  2. That’s hilarious. Honduras isn’t moving with Gladney for a reason. Note, Honduras didn’t shut down the US, just Gladney and that other agency. Sounds like a personal problem to me, not just being slow. Should we expect those who didn’t move on to Columbua to fly down and stage a sit-in for the next 3 months.

  3. Gladney or otherwise, Honduras has processed very few U.S. adoption in recent decades. I’ll see if my contacts there know anything about the Gladney situation that they can share.

  4. Whatever is going on, hooray for Honduras for calling Gladney on the unethical crap they have been pulling everywhere for decades. My my my, maybe in this instance, money did not talk!

  5. Marley, did you see the State Dep’t stats on the number of adoptions from Honduras? It’s miniscule! I think there were 9 in 2010. Hard to believe an agency would be so invested if they weren’t more or less determined to crack things open. Three “sibling” groups as touted by Gladney to its customers could represent annual figure!

  6. Geez, Marley…I’d have never found your site if I hadn’t seen your post on a CNS article about the Superbowl…

    Cheers! (Think I’ll look ’round and get caught up a bit)

    A Real Bastard, Rantings and Ravings Dept.

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