Boaz: Adoptees as Merchandise, a Video

Forgive me, but OMG! I’m still strapped for time today and decided to post a video. So I went over to YouTube, and typed in “Edna Gladney” to give me some ideas. There’s the usual Dame Emma luv bombs, but suddenly: How to Have Amazing Customer Service featuring…. the Gladney Center. produced by Boaz for Boaz PowerTV. Taking your life to the next level. Standing in front of the Fort Worth Gladney “campus.” mic in hand, the other one hanging free to pick your pocket. Now, I’d never heard of Boaz until I spotted this YouTube curiosity. Googling, I found that Boaz is motivational speaker Boaz Rauchwerger (American Airlines, Xerox, and other Wall Street corpos). Like Madonna and Slash, he prefers to go by one name. Not surprisingly, Boaz, the motivational speaker, is perpetually cheery and loves adoption. Some years back, he and Mrs. Boaz acquired two infants from Gladney: Rena and Adam. You just know where this is going. Gladney Boaz in his best D. James Kennedy voice, tells us, is #1 in customer fulfillment. I picture a phone bank of pretty and prego CSR’s standing by to answer your calls now. Images of baybees sliding down chutes on Continue Reading →