Gladney: Coincidence or Disaster Adoptionism?

TaclobanThis came across my Twitter feed this afternoon from Adoption by Gladney.  I couldn’t get a screen shot, so this is a cut and paste.



There is space available for new families in our Philippines program! Learn more today!  #adopt


Mother Gladney

Mother Gladney

Coincidence or disaster adoptonism?

Let’ see, five days ago Typhoon  Hayian, one of the biggest storms on record, hit the Philippines .The Philippine government estimated initially that 10,000 people died  Today, President Benigno Aquino, downgraded the number to around  2500, but aid workers are skeptical.  I heard on the news a little while ago that about a half million people are homeless. The area has little food, water, and shelter. There is virtually no police or security. Looting is rampant.

Now the tweet shows up with a link to Gladney’s Philippines program.

I actually expect something better than this from Gladney.  Not because I”m a fan, but I thought somebody there, with all the public international adoption scandals rotting at their beloved institution, could hold off chomping their bit for awhile.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

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