The Chicken or the Egg: Deformers Feed Their Opponents

There’s been a lively discussion on my New Jersey: Deborah Jacobs lobs another foul blog. Ms. Jacobs, the executive director of the New Jersey ACLU, has been brave enough to enter the fray. One comment that has scored a sour note amongst our comrade mothers-in arms is her allegation that she has received scads of letters from anonymous “birthmothers” begging for anonymity. Ms. Jacobs writes: I also have a stack of letters in my office, most sent anonymously, from birth mothers thanking me for the ACLU-NJ’s work on this issue, talking about their experiences with adoption, and explaining why they desperately wish to remain anonymous. They include rape and incest victims, among others. They express terror at the prospect of an unwelcome knock at the door that will force them to revisit painful personal traumas of the past. I’m sure Ms. Jacobs meant well. I don’t think she’s a bad person at all. But, save for whistleblowers, Wikileaks and secret groups fighting Hitler, anonymity has no place in honest political and policy discourse, especially when it’s about one of the country’s most murky and controversial social policies. Adoption, though, with its built-in secrets and lies, makes anonymity acceptable for the Continue Reading →

NCFA Names Chuck Johnson Permanent Prez

The National Council for Adoption today announced the appointment of Chuck Johnson as its permanent CEO and president. Johnson has been Acting President since April when Mary Robinson, after a few inglorious months in office, left the position unannounced and from my perspective, unmissed. Johnson also held the post of acting prez after Tom Atwood resigned in November 2008. He is the former director of NCFA’s Infant Adoption Training Initiative. Johnson’s appointment marks the end (so-to-speak) of NCFA’s transformation into the nicer kinder NuNCFA, bereft of Piercian existentialism, angst and cranksterism. NuNCFA, for better or worse (it’s easier to kick them around for worse) is more concerned with international and foster adoption and Beltway politics than calling Bastard Nation anarchists and terrorists and “birthdads” drive-by sperm donors, and locking pregnant unmarrieds in closets. We seriously doubt that Johnson has been booted out of Congressional offices or in times of high snit, has orchestrated a dirty tricks campaign against John McCain or other blowhard politicians. As Johnson said to me at one point ,”Folks want to work with us again.” Well, not everyone, Chuck! But enough to take NCFA off the endangered species list. In other words, NuNCFA has corporatized and Continue Reading →


NCFA continues to change its face to the nicer and kinder. This morning the National Council for Adoption announced the appointment of Mary Fasenmyer Robinson its new president and CEO. She replaces NCFA VP Chuck Johnson, who has served as acting president since the resignation of Tom Atwood last November. Robinson, with her background in development, marketing, finances, and philanthropy, (ie, $$$$$$$) appears to be the biggest step yet away from the bastard busting of its pathological founding mission and Piercian brand of realpolitik. Bill Pierce (right), who never met a bastard or parent (first or adoptive), that didn’t need a good slap down and smearing, should be spinning in his grave– if he had one. Bastardette warned Dr. Pierce that calamity would befall NCFA after his passing, and, well…he said that was NCFA’s problem, not his. We personally, miss the cowboy days. A corporate NCFA is not a fun NCFA. Except for its weird association with Texas Christian’s Dr. Karyn Purvis, the attachment lady who equates wheeling a kid around the store in a grocery cart with child abandonment, NCFA hasn’t been much fun since Bastard Nation shut it down during its In Belly of the Beast rally, (and Continue Reading →


OK, adoptadogooders! (and you know who you are!) Time to get out your hankies, limber up your typing fingers, and put on your tinfoil hats. According to the July 17, edition of Digital Spy, Who’s Your Daddy is back. This time Daddy will be snuggled cozily amongst Temptation Island, animal attacks, COPS, and re-runs of Joe Millionaire on Fox’s new subscriber Fox Reality Channel. Just imagine, 24/7 reality. I know I can’t wait. I’ve already put in a big supply of popcorn and bought a new block of blank tapes. Of course, I realize a lot of you heaved a great sigh of relief when the original WYD tanked after one episode. But how many more were in the can? 6? 7? 8? 12? Now, in the privacy of your own home, you can watch adoption, as you know it, implode right before your very eyes, week after week after week after week after week. Bastardette is no Pollyanna, even if she is adopted. She will admit that many of those who opposed WYD are friends and colleagues. She holds nothing against them personally for loathing the show and she hopes they hold nothing against her personally for loving it. Continue Reading →


For years fresh-faced adoptee rights activists have asked, “Why won’t the ACLU help us?” Bastardette freely admits that she, back in the days of yore, also asked that very same question. One would think that an organization that has long stood for the rights of individuals against the state would come to our aid and defense. Unfortunately, like their NCFA bed buddy, the American Civil Liberties Union does not consider adopted adults responsible or important enough to own our own personal information nor do they consider birth parents competent enough in the art of JUST SAY NO if they truly want to be left alone. After all, unlike ACLU elites who are always rational and in control, birth parents couldn’t even keep their pants on to start with, so what can you expect? As a typical liberal institution the ACLU, pretends to be sympathetic to upstart adoptees (we feel your pain) but acts as mouthpiece for the state (take a mutual consent registry and don’t call me in the morning, you ungrateful bastard!) The latest attack on adoptees comes from Deborah Jacobs, Executive Director of the ACLU-New Jersey in the April 21, 2005 edition of the Asbury Park Press. Responding Continue Reading →


Bastardette has been remiss in checking-in since her return from the Heart of Darkness last week. So much to tell, so little time. Unfortunately, she has been trapped in a Neverland of domestic duties which preclude rational thought at the moment. Oops! See what I mean! I’m not thinking straight at all. Rational thought and adoption? We may as well be mixing calico and rococo. If you don’t believe me, just ask “the right brain” marketing folks at Kenny & Associates. Commissioned some time back by the National Council for Adoption and The Family Research Council to develop innovative ways to talk recalcitrant women out of their babies, Kenny interviewed 30 birth mothers to learn why they placed their babies for adoption. The result, according to a Kenny consumer psychologist at a recent NCFA presentation on the subject, is that “rational thought” needs to be broken down and the debris restructured in an heroic self-narrative that empowers potential birth mothers to give the gift of love (their kid) to the desperate and deserving, who in grateful reciprocation will shelter him or her from the horrors of illegitimacy, a single parent home, and a chronically depressed–and no doubt dangerous–mom. All this, Continue Reading →


…. when it comes to legalized baby abandonment and the California Legislature. On March 15, the California Senate Judiciary Committee met to vote on SB 116,the repeal of the sunset of SB 1368–the state’s Safe Haven law which permits any old anybody (not only parents) to anonymously “legally abandon” an infant 72-hours old or less at hospitals and police and fire stations with no questions asked. If passed, the repeal makes the law permanent. While researching the bill to write testimony Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization learned that the California Department of Social Services is mandated by SB 1368 and by California’s sunset law itself to prepare and present annual reports to the legislature on the use and effectiveness of the Safe Haven program in that state. The reports were mandated into the law specifically for legislative review when the sunset came up so that (gasp!) the legislature could make an informed and educated vote on whether or not to continue the program. As it turns out, CDSS couldn’t be bothered with such a difficult task. Although a report was issued for 2002, unlike many other CDSS reports dealing with adoption and child welfare, it is not available online. Continue Reading →