Abortion and Parenting are Equally Bad: Ken Connor and the Topsy-Turvy World of Adoption and Abortion

Ken Connor ubiquitous abortion hater cum adoption worshiper, made an appearance today in the Christian Post. In his column Abortion and Adoption; Two Choices, Worlds Apart Connor groused over the lack of newborns available for adoption. Unmarried women who don’t place their children in “loving adoptive homes” are short changing themselves and their children. (Fathers aren’t mentioned.)
Connor lectures that adoption is win-win-win without asking bastards or their birthers how they feel about it. Picking up the pillow talk where Richard Land left off, the other day, Connor rhapsodizes on motherhood and mothers, especially the mother who becomes, as some first mother activists say, the “not mother”. The woman who is a mother but not a mother due to act of adoption., Continue Reading →

Pat Robertson and Adoptee Rights

By now you’ve probably all heard Pat Robertson’s hideous remarks about the earthquake in Haiti. A deal with the devil? And, he can’t even get history right. Napoleon III! I think not! Perhaps the devil was whispering disinformation in his ear to make him look stupid. No wait! He doesn’t need the devil to do that. CBN published a clarification “statement” later, that if anything, makes Robertson looks more stupid now then he did before. Here is a video of Pat broadcasting his dementia to the world. It includes commentary from the Young Turks. I’ve been an avid viewer of 700 Club for 30 years, and have watched Pat edge from pure malevolent crazydom to Altzhmierism before my very eyes. To make Robertson’s looniness relevant to adoption this afternoon, here’s a dialogue between Pat and Jay Sekulow, director of Robertson’s theocentric legal arm, the The American Center for Law and Justice. The ACLJ represented Promise Doe, Jane Doe, Kimberly C, Russ C, and NCFA agency member Small World Adoptions in Doe v Sundquist, the unsuccessful attempt to overturn a Tennessee law that opened records for some adoptees in the state. The ACLJ was backed by amici briefs issued from NCFA, Continue Reading →


For years fresh-faced adoptee rights activists have asked, “Why won’t the ACLU help us?” Bastardette freely admits that she, back in the days of yore, also asked that very same question. One would think that an organization that has long stood for the rights of individuals against the state would come to our aid and defense. Unfortunately, like their NCFA bed buddy, the American Civil Liberties Union does not consider adopted adults responsible or important enough to own our own personal information nor do they consider birth parents competent enough in the art of JUST SAY NO if they truly want to be left alone. After all, unlike ACLU elites who are always rational and in control, birth parents couldn’t even keep their pants on to start with, so what can you expect? As a typical liberal institution the ACLU, pretends to be sympathetic to upstart adoptees (we feel your pain) but acts as mouthpiece for the state (take a mutual consent registry and don’t call me in the morning, you ungrateful bastard!) The latest attack on adoptees comes from Deborah Jacobs, Executive Director of the ACLU-New Jersey in the April 21, 2005 edition of the Asbury Park Press. Responding Continue Reading →


Bastardette has been remiss in checking-in since her return from the Heart of Darkness last week. So much to tell, so little time. Unfortunately, she has been trapped in a Neverland of domestic duties which preclude rational thought at the moment. Oops! See what I mean! I’m not thinking straight at all. Rational thought and adoption? We may as well be mixing calico and rococo. If you don’t believe me, just ask “the right brain” marketing folks at Kenny & Associates. Commissioned some time back by the National Council for Adoption and The Family Research Council to develop innovative ways to talk recalcitrant women out of their babies, Kenny interviewed 30 birth mothers to learn why they placed their babies for adoption. The result, according to a Kenny consumer psychologist at a recent NCFA presentation on the subject, is that “rational thought” needs to be broken down and the debris restructured in an heroic self-narrative that empowers potential birth mothers to give the gift of love (their kid) to the desperate and deserving, who in grateful reciprocation will shelter him or her from the horrors of illegitimacy, a single parent home, and a chronically depressed–and no doubt dangerous–mom. All this, Continue Reading →