NCFA continues to change its face to the nicer and kinder. This morning the National Council for Adoption announced the appointment of Mary Fasenmyer Robinson its new president and CEO. She replaces NCFA VP Chuck Johnson, who has served as acting president since the resignation of Tom Atwood last November. Robinson, with her background in development, marketing, finances, and philanthropy, (ie, $$$$$$$) appears to be the biggest step yet away from the bastard busting of its pathological founding mission and Piercian brand of realpolitik. Bill Pierce (right), who never met a bastard or parent (first or adoptive), that didn’t need a good slap down and smearing, should be spinning in his grave– if he had one. Bastardette warned Dr. Pierce that calamity would befall NCFA after his passing, and, well…he said that was NCFA’s problem, not his. We personally, miss the cowboy days. A corporate NCFA is not a fun NCFA. Except for its weird association with Texas Christian’s Dr. Karyn Purvis, the attachment lady who equates wheeling a kid around the store in a grocery cart with child abandonment, NCFA hasn’t been much fun since Bastard Nation shut it down during its In Belly of the Beast rally, (and Continue Reading →