The Chicken or the Egg: Deformers Feed Their Opponents

There’s been a lively discussion on my New Jersey: Deborah Jacobs lobs another foul blog. Ms. Jacobs, the executive director of the New Jersey ACLU, has been brave enough to enter the fray. One comment that has scored a sour note amongst our comrade mothers-in arms is her allegation that she has received scads of letters from anonymous “birthmothers” begging for anonymity. Ms. Jacobs writes: I also have a stack of letters in my office, most sent anonymously, from birth mothers thanking me for the ACLU-NJ’s work on this issue, talking about their experiences with adoption, and explaining why they desperately wish to remain anonymous. They include rape and incest victims, among others. They express terror at the prospect of an unwelcome knock at the door that will force them to revisit painful personal traumas of the past. I’m sure Ms. Jacobs meant well. I don’t think she’s a bad person at all. But, save for whistleblowers, Wikileaks and secret groups fighting Hitler, anonymity has no place in honest political and policy discourse, especially when it’s about one of the country’s most murky and controversial social policies. Adoption, though, with its built-in secrets and lies, makes anonymity acceptable for the Continue Reading →

New Jersey: ACLU’s Deborah Jacobs Lobs Another Foul

A few days ago, the Parsippany Daily Record published a letter from Peter Franklin, a supporter of New Jersey’s hugely flawed “Adoptees Birthright bill”, ie, what passes for adoptee rights in the state. Mr. Franklin pointed out that while the American Civil Liberties Union protects the rights of “criminals and terrorists” (a practice Bastardette supports completely) it refuses to even entertain the thought that the Adopted Class has a right to its own original birth certificates. Mr. Franklin then turns the screw, observing that the NJ-ACLU board, which constantly yabbers about transparency in government, bars its great unwashed general membership from attending, much less speaking, at its meetings. Sunday, Deborah Jacobs, the NJ-ACLU’s bastard phobic executive director, wh onever met an adoptee who shouldn’t be duct taped, responded to Mr. Franklin with a snooty letter in which she banged the ACLU’s drum loudly proclaiming its grand authority in rights, implying that bastards are just dumb non-nuancing clucks who should be grateful somebody took us in. The ACLU’s experience negotiating tensions between competing rights has established the organization as an authority on the nuances of the law with respect to individual rights and freedoms. Jacobs, who knows as much about adoption Continue Reading →


For years fresh-faced adoptee rights activists have asked, “Why won’t the ACLU help us?” Bastardette freely admits that she, back in the days of yore, also asked that very same question. One would think that an organization that has long stood for the rights of individuals against the state would come to our aid and defense. Unfortunately, like their NCFA bed buddy, the American Civil Liberties Union does not consider adopted adults responsible or important enough to own our own personal information nor do they consider birth parents competent enough in the art of JUST SAY NO if they truly want to be left alone. After all, unlike ACLU elites who are always rational and in control, birth parents couldn’t even keep their pants on to start with, so what can you expect? As a typical liberal institution the ACLU, pretends to be sympathetic to upstart adoptees (we feel your pain) but acts as mouthpiece for the state (take a mutual consent registry and don’t call me in the morning, you ungrateful bastard!) The latest attack on adoptees comes from Deborah Jacobs, Executive Director of the ACLU-New Jersey in the April 21, 2005 edition of the Asbury Park Press. Responding Continue Reading →