Goodbye NAAM 2020. I am tired of you.

Well, NAAM 2020 is shutting down. I can’t decide whether to close it on a serious or an absurd note. In fact, I have something serious to write about, but I need to think it out better. Maybe I will write it later, maybe not. I just know that I am exhausted. frazzled, frustrated, bored, and angry at this annual bullshit party. I am not entirely happy with what I wrote this month. Some of it is good, but some needs improvement, which time constraints didn’t allow. If I learned anything this month it’s that I can crank out 500-1500 word essays on adoption in a couple of hours when I have to

Unfortunately, it all starts again tomorrow—sorta. There is no rest for the wicked. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 1) from 6-9 pm (est,) Safe Haven Baby Boxes is holding a special 3-hour yak-a-thon edition of Beyond the Box on Facebook where we will get to meet up close and personal the SHBB team, boxed babies and their adoptive parents, get our ears filled with adoption-is-beautiful propaganda, and probably pick up some new intel on what to expect in 2021—if we survive this year.

I will take one for the team and sit in on the entire session. Please feel free to join me. I currently watch the twice-a-week chats and they are painless But 3 hours? I dunno. A couple of weeks ago I watched the entirety of their Purse Bingo FB broadcast. I felt like I was at a Christmas baaar in a church basement, which I was.  When I was 12 years old that was one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. Today, not so much

.I am tired of adoption

I am tired of NAAM 2020

I need a joint. Instead, when I finish writing this I will catch up on Fargo 4.

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