Gary, Indiana: Stupid Things People Say about Safe Haven Baby Boxes or a Brief Discourse on Cognitive Dissonance

To be kind, Mr. Euvino, who I bet is not adopted, might have been caught up in the moment. To not be kind, he just might be conveniently ignorant. He failed to acknowledge that legal baby dumping is built on loss and tragedy for babies, their biological mothers, fathers, and extended family members. Boxing, he failed to acknowledge, is the erasure of individual identities, histories, and relationships. Box use, he failed to acknowledge, is an endorsement of discredited “clean slate” closed and secret adoption theory-into- practice that taught generations that Class Bastard has no history before adoption#; that we would all be fine with this unless we were neurotic, psychotic, selfish, or otherwise disturbed. This fuckery condemned millions of members of Class Bastard to anonymity, disenfranchisement, confusion, shame, and for many anger depression, therapy, expensive searches, self-harm, and even suicide. I can only assume then that Mr. Euvino aimed his comments, at the mothers and the new families these dumped babies will acquire adoptively on the backs of disempowered bios. Continue Reading →