Jean Morrisey has once again locked her MySpace page.

My immense network of international internet spies informed me earlier this evening that the new private profile was tagged:

Baby Safe Haven New England This Page Is Closed Due To Privacy Invasion By An Extremest Group!!!!

That must refer to Bastardette and Adoptee Jane. No doubt reporter Ian Murphy, his editor, and the Lexington Police Department will soon be added to this vast internet privacy- invading conspiracy.

As of this writing the private profile tag reads:

Baby Safe Haven New England Police Reports ARE NOT Public Information Concerning Minors Medical Information… Wrong Again Bastardette!!!

Since I have never posted, nor have even attempted to post, on the Baby Safe Haven New England MySpace page or any Morrisey space (why would I?) this must confuse Ms. Morrisey’s My Space friends. Who is Bastardette and why is Jean saying these things to her? But since the page is privatized, maybe she’s blogging about me and they know all?

What high crime and misdemeanors have I committed to engender such notoriety?

(1) I posted a complete news article, with link, published by Gatehouse News Service on the recent arrest of Ms. Morrisey.

(2) I later posted, with no comment, a link to Ms. Morrisey’s own MySpace statement on the incident reported by Gatehouse.

How is this extremist or an invasion of privacy? Doesn’t Ms. Morrisey want the public to read her statement on the incident? Guess not!

Here’s a little bit of advice:

  • If you publish something in a public space, it’s public!
  • If you’re arrested, it’s public information.
  • HIPAA has nothing to do with the release of information by police.

And then there’s that little business of the First Amendment that guarantees us freedom of speech.

With the bad press, should we be surprised that soon a miracle baby will be delivered from the mouth of the dumpster to the arms of the Morriseys? I hope I’m wrong.

ADDENDA: June 14, 2008 10:08 AM
By 9:59 AM est today (and probably earlier) the “normal” page is back up and the nastygram removed.


  1. The BSH watch continues.

    4:34 p.m., CDT:

    Baby Safe Haven New England You Have To Wonder What’s Up When some Moron Keeps Blogging DOWN What’s on this Page.. Temporarily On Private Due To Busy Bodys That Have Nothing Better To Do!

  2. Well, Gosh, Jean. Why don’t we try this…de-“criminalize” young, out-of-wedlock (ie., single) pregnancies, mentor and help these young women instead of telling them to dump their newborns at the nearest BSH facility and see how that works? It would cut down on the “product” for the adoption flesh trade, but it might make for some happier mothers and children. Whattya think?

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