Bastardette has gotten nothing done today, so we plan to spend the rest of the evening in bed with James Ellroy and start over tomorrow. We cannot, however, let our NaBloPoMo duties slide. After we finished our second entry this week about the abandonment/dump hoax in Lewis Center, Ohio. I received a electronic hectorette from Mrs. Morrisey. I’m not posting the entire comment, but here’s how it starts: Too Bad Marley, but you are WRONG again! I’ve got better things to do than to post on your ridiculous boring blog! But, not too busy to READ my ridiculous boring blog, huh? Funny how all those snarks are lobbed from Lexington, Mass and are posted with a very specific point-of-origin identification. Perhaps some cranky neighbor is sneaking into the Morrisey home at the crack of dawn and sending comments on their computer into the ether. The Ms should file a police report. But I digress. Mrs. Morrisey goes on to point out how she and the Mr. and their BSh songsperson Renee Maracou, have been way busy, off on another jaunt to Hawai’i to pick up ANOTHER prize for their good work in undermining traditional Hawai’ian culture and sound child welfare Continue Reading →


Oh look! The message on Ms. Morrisey’s MySpace page has changed again. Baby Safe Haven New England You Have To Wonder What’s Up When some Moron Keeps Blogging DOWN What’s on this Page.. Temporarily On Private Due To Busy Bodys That Have Nothing Better To Do! What does “blogging DOWN” mean?This grammatically and spelling challenged statement is rich coming from a SAHM with no previous interest in adoption, who apparently has had nothing better to do with herself for the last five years than busybody around adoption and undermine the identity rights of current and future adoptees through her and hubby’s “Baby Safe Haven” dog and pony show. Why does Ms. Morrisey frequently shut down her MySpace page, post bizarre messages on her profile about the closing, (aimed at me, apparently, though blogger Adopted Jane no doubt is also a public menace) and periodically keep the ever-curious public away from her own statement about her arrest? If I were her, I’d want the public to know my side of the story, not the report written by a “journalistic pig” and published by the local “journalistic rag.” (see previous entries for explanation). AND SHE CALLS US “BUSY BODYS”!The fact is, Ms. Continue Reading →


Jean Morrisey has once again locked her MySpace page. My immense network of international internet spies informed me earlier this evening that the new private profile was tagged: Baby Safe Haven New England This Page Is Closed Due To Privacy Invasion By An Extremest Group!!!! That must refer to Bastardette and Adoptee Jane. No doubt reporter Ian Murphy, his editor, and the Lexington Police Department will soon be added to this vast internet privacy- invading conspiracy. As of this writing the private profile tag reads: Baby Safe Haven New England Police Reports ARE NOT Public Information Concerning Minors Medical Information… Wrong Again Bastardette!!! Since I have never posted, nor have even attempted to post, on the Baby Safe Haven New England MySpace page or any Morrisey space (why would I?) this must confuse Ms. Morrisey’s My Space friends. Who is Bastardette and why is Jean saying these things to her? But since the page is privatized, maybe she’s blogging about me and they know all? What high crime and misdemeanors have I committed to engender such notoriety? (1) I posted a complete news article, with link, published by Gatehouse News Service on the recent arrest of Ms. Morrisey. (2) I Continue Reading →


Well stick Bastardette’s head in a pizza oven! On May 10, just in time for Mother’s Day, the Morriseys–the Massachusetts Baby Dump People–have joined forces with Alexander’s Pizza and Nick’s Place in Lexington–to raise money to teach new mothers how to painlessly abandon their bay-bees. According to the April/May 2005 issue of Lexington’s Colonial Times Magazine,the restaurants will donate proceeds from all pizza and sub sales after 4 PM that day to support the Morrisey’s “Baby Safe Haven Yes” propaganda machine….errrr…..we mean….advertising campaign to convince “desperate mothers” to enthusiastically and anonymously turn their “unwanted babies” over to the state for redistribution to equally “desperate” paps looking for newborns unencumbered by pesky birth parents. According to the article, the latest blitz will include more PSAs, lit-drops, and transit advertising. While the article is not online, it can be Googled on the Internet newsgroup alt.adoption via the good offices of the Morriseys who never miss a chance to crow their own. This deeply American couple has single-handedly huckstered their way into the media and turned the tragedy of baby abandonment into a commercial sideshow heretofore unknown outside of guided tours of 875 S. Bundy Drive, excursions to the Lindbergh home, and Sam Continue Reading →