Maybe he shoulda been safe havened.

From the Make My Day department:

Baby Safe Haven advocate charged with domestic assault
By Ian B. Murphy
GateHouse News Service
Posted Jun 11, 2008 @ 05:52 PM


Lexington resident Jean Morrisey, the co-founder of Baby Safe Haven New England, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at Concord District Court last week.

According to police reports, officers arrived at Morrisey’s home after her juvenile son called 911 June 4. Morrisey allegedly threw a drinking glass which hit her son in the head. He was treated at Winchester Hospital for a one-and-a-half inch cut.

Morrisey was arraigned June 5 at Concord District Court and was released under the condition that no further abuse occurs.

Michael Morrisey, Jean Morrisey’s husband, said their son was “released back to our custody in a matter of hours.”

According to the police report, a nurse at Winchester Hospital recommended the juvenile spend the night in the hospital’s care. The report also said the original argument between mother and son started over a bottle of shampoo.

Baby Safe Haven New England is an organization to promote the baby safe haven law, which was enacted in Massachusetts in 2004. The state baby safe haven law allows women to drop off an unwanted child at a hospital or police or fire station within seven days of its birth without the fear of being punished or having to give their names. Supporters say it limits the number of cases in which nervous mothers abandon unwanted children, leaving them to die.

Michael and Jean Morrisey pushed to pass the law in Massachusetts. Currently, 48 states have baby safe haven laws.


Update: From Ms Morrisey’s MySpace personal page header, now locked down as private:

Baby Safe Haven New England I’m gonna make sure that journalistic rag pays for what they have put my son through, breaking HIPPA regualtions regarding a minor, Just how low does it get?!!!

This was edited from an earlier header:

Baby Safe Haven New England I’m going to make sure that one journalistic pig pays for what he is putting my son through!!!

Life sure is sucky when you’re no longer a media darling.

Adopted Jane has also blogged on this.


  1. Marls,
    Posting this makes you look like a total A-Hole. Geez, like you haven’t been artested for your protests a few times too many.
    And the bet would be that your kids wouldn’t have been pains in the ass a few times too many.
    Only an A-hole picks on a Mom whose kids give them some of the usual teen age crap.

  2. It’s not everyone who can read the story behind the story and know just what is was that triggered a middle-aged woman to throw a water glass at her minor son (or anyone else for that matter).

    The irony in the story is there for all to see, as the reporter and editor clearly did. Posting it here for the audience most likely to appreciate that irony hardly qualifies Marley as an asshole. (See, you can use the word without the universe collapsing).


  3. You’re right j.
    Marley is an ASSHOLE!
    Glad you said it.
    Got a feeling that this opinion is shared by many, many more.

  4. I’m assuming this is Jean nor Mike posting. I usually delete them, but for the moment, I’ll leave them up. (posts 1 and 3) The Ms don’t do irony.

    So. please document where I have been arrested. I have never been arrested–for anything. And I’ve never thrown a water glass at anyone, not even a kid.

  5. Um, no one is picking on mom (why do you capitalize that?) because her “kids give them some of the usual teen crap” but because the mom gave the kid some unusual parent crap. Think you are getting it now? Last I knew, Marls had nothing to do with a glass being thrown….

  6. I’m going to go with Jean as woman-most-likely-to-be anonymous #1 and #3. Who else would know the details of her criminal adventure and wait for permission to avoid using a euphemism? Mike, the old newspaperman, probably wouldn’t hvae been so childish (or accused Marley of having been “artested”).


  7. Maybe the Safe Haven PSA needs a revised rap….

    Ms. Ba-by Safe Haven
    We caught you misbehavin’.

    You’re a glass-throwing maven
    Who’s proved that she’s stark ravin’.

    Ms. Ba-by Safe Haven
    Child abuse is so craven.

    Ms. Ba-by Safe Haven
    It’s your OWN son that needs savin’!

  8. Take it from a child rearing expert!
    Someone the aborted/murdered her kid before it took its first breath.
    Then she calls it a happy occasion.
    Button your fat face up, ass hole.
    You don’t know the facts, and don’t have a clue.

  9. Little testy tonight, huh? Did I make any comments on the event which led to the arrest? No! I wasn’t there. I simply reposted the article which reported it. According to the article all the information came from the police report, which is public information. Perhaps, the next project should be to anonymize police reports.

  10. Don’t you love the Gutless wonders know as Anonymous ?
    I get them, and I know who they are most of the time.
    None of us are perfect but when you are out there purporting to be and being in the media spotlight then you have to accept you’re going to get some heat.
    This person had ZERO problem in emailing me and dishing the dirt on Marley to me after I did this post

    I Sent them a email thanking them for their *concern* over my *confusion* as they put it – that Marley had caused me (shame on you Marley :P) and gave them a piece of my mind…And never heard back ! Gee I wonder why.
    You know the old saying ? Don’t throw stones when you live in Glass houses!

    Absolutely Pathetic to the Anonymous posters here spilling their spineless garbage!

  11. Ah, the anonymous posters whose courage is questionable and comments are usually skewed and nasty. That’s OK, Marley…I’ve been called a “bitter, old bitch.” Maybe we can start a club of people who have been called nasty names by anonymous, yellow-bellied commenters?

    I posted, today, about a woman who killed one of the little boys (and girls) she adopted (another puppy mill owner..geez) so I will probably hear from that. What do you have to do to get people to see that we post facts and that too many of them need reality checks?

    These same people will raise hell over Bill C. getting a bj but don’t see anything wrong with a boy’s mother putting a cut in his head that needed stitches….what a world.

  12. Jesus Christ! Even if Marley was arrested, which she wasn’t, an arrest like that is totally differant than being arrested for throwing a glass at a kids head-people like Marley, Open Record Advocates get arressted by ABUSERS in the adoption industry, and those are all who support closed records. All in the NCFA ARE child abusers and they love to see the people who fight the child abuse they inflict arrested for speaking out against it. You people are dumber than a box of hair. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


  13. “Lexington resident Jean Morrisey, the co-founder of Baby Safe Haven New England, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at Concord District Court last week.”

    Can’t imagine how this would run afoul of HIPPA, Jean. Nor, by the way, would the news reports of your son’s medical condition. But don’t me rain on your parade, rave on.


  14. Hey, if you don’t want anonymous posts you can disable them and feel free to sit around and talk all ya want. Too bad you are all too busy pissing on anyone you think is out to keep harming you or just live life. As an adopted person myself I don’t want anyone to think I might be in anyway connected to the poor me group and wouldn’t want it known I even thought looking here was something I might piss my time away with. Not sure who cares about this junk because I don’t and don’t know anyone else who was adopted that feels how you all do. only thing I see is the same adults still acting like little kids who might need to have a glass tossed their direction in order to get a grip on reality and stop acting like 2 year olds. all your little groupies might think one or two people bother to read your toilet paper but the truth is there are a good number of adult adoptees that are no longer even telling anyone because of the likes of you people. I myself have never once had all this deep pain about the fact I was given a nice life and dont care why or what made it be the case that my womb mom moved on with her own life. Not a biggie and sure as heck not anything I would spend a second getting worked up about. I hope you all just type your little fingers off slamming anything you think is connected to your life long suffering as some of us don’t give a ripp about any of the BS you think we all should suffer so deep as to take it away from the children behind us who might turn out to be just fine and happy. it’s sad that you all live in this little world of unjustice but I would not be the one to take away the chance I had from any other child who has a reason to not make her baby number one. I hope you are not parents as your pain will be transferd and your children will end up miserable and not know why. anyway I guess you all just assume that only a few people even bother to read this junk so you think you always know who wrote what. so why assume anyone else might find your rants of any value. I would bet you don’t get the fact that there are way more people who don’t support your BS so they leave you litte remarks because you all think it is one or two people. good luck in life and go take care of your kids if you have any since oneday you can just say the Adult Adoptee Mom Abused her kids because she was adopted there you see it is the root of all evil so stop it now. right. More people do bad things who have nothing to do with adoption so who really cares why anyone is crap. People are crap so what?

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