Massachusetts: The “B-Word v Bastards

Currently, Massachusetts has companion bills that when passed will close the gap and restore the right to all adoptees to OBC access. Things have been quiet for a long time.

Then, the other day, I found a short article about HB3719, a new constituent bill, sponsored by a Democrat rep, that would criminalize the use of “the B word” with a $200 or six months in jail.

At first, I thought the B-word would be Bastard,. That would explain why OBC bills have vegetated in committees for at least six years. The black-holed just need to be erased.

Alas!  I was mistaken. The B-word is “bitch”–as in Daily Bastardette.  Where this leaves proud bitches like the women of Bastard Nation/ the adoptee rights movement, BLM, #MeToo, environmentalism, intersectionalism, reproductuve justice, various presidential candidates, and mothers?  Or for that matter the feminist Bitch Media and Bitch Magzine. Or dog breeders? I dunno. Likewise, does this mean I couldn’t call Donald Trump a little bitch when I’m in Massachusetts? Whatever, if this silly bill passes it will be tossed as unconstitutional.

The real point is that while Massachusetts adoptees and their rights are treated like the bubonic  plague, lawmakers waste their and our time and money arguing about what an unnamed constituent considers “vulgar language.

I can think of some vulgar terms to call this bill.

Also see: Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women, 5 essays by Elizabeth Wuertzel.

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