Massachusetts: Deb Goldberg’s bizarre political ad. “When you adopt you learn deep down that everything in life depends on opportunity.”

Goldberg 1Our friend Lorraiine Dusky at BirthMother/First/Morther Forum found this gem yesterday on YouTube: a campaign ad for Deb Goldberg, running for Massachusetts State Treasurer.Goldberg is  president of the board of Adoptions with Love  (note puerile prego pic)

Now Bastardette would be disappointed if pols didn’t pander to the public. That’s what getting elected is about, and I am one person who actually enjoys these pieces of popular political culture that attack our TVs every few months.. (Who can forget the brilliant 1963 Democratic Party “Daisy” ad wherein Barry Goldwater blows up the world if elected?) Unfortunately, for Goldberg, her latest ad is neither brilliant nor memorable.

I’m no doubt having a dense moment (at least according to the expectations of Goldberg’s handlers), but this ad makes no sense to me. What does adoption–or Goldberg presiding over an adoption agency (which, thankfully, isn’t mentioned in the ad) or being an adoptive parent have to do with running for State Treasurer?

I understand that Goldberg is pandering to the adoptive client crowd and its fan base, but why bother? I mean, who cares? And it’s particularly insulting since Massachusetts, no matter what you hear from its homegrown adoption deformers, is not a free state. OBCs between July 17 1974-January 1, 2008 are still held hostage by the state. If adoption is going to be a pandered dear-to-the-heart object in Goldberg’s campaign, then why not say as Treasurer she’ll support and work hard to loose those records from the greedy hands of the state. State Treasurers do have political pull after all.

opportunityInstead, Goldberg links adoption to “opportunity” (the first cousin of  “choice”) bizarrely conflating adoption, equal pay, avoiding personal debt, college savings plans, and budget management into one nonsensical advertisement for herself. (After all, as the  heir to the Stop and Shop fortune and a lawyer with an MBA from Harvard she should know all about “opportunity”) And since when pimping your adopted baby in a political ad a good idea?

“When you adopt you learn deep down that everything in life depends on opportunity.”

Translation:  I saw the opportunity for a kid and grabbed it.

Goldberg is no wanky conservative. She’s endorsed by Emily’s list, unions, and other organizations on the prog side. Unfortunately, adoption and its many faceted horrors is not on the prog radar.

Comments are not allowed on the video and you must friend her FB site to comment. I may do that later today, but first things first.

UPDATE:  Goldberg took the primary tonight. Time for an object lesson?

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3 Replies to “Massachusetts: Deb Goldberg’s bizarre political ad. “When you adopt you learn deep down that everything in life depends on opportunity.””

  1. That’s an extremely strange political ad. I don’t get it. What was Deb Goldberg thinking? She must have friends who’ve adopted kids or want to adopt or who work in the adoption industry. I cringed when she used the word “opportunity” in relation to adoption. Ugh! Opportunity is such an overused word in business these days. Adoption is not an “opportunity.”

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