Somone is Stealing the Baby Safe Haven Signs of Boston!

Bastardette has gotten hi-jacked and backlogged. I’m trying to catch up. I’ll start with something short.


Right before I left for the ASAC conference at MIT in May, They Whose Names Must Not Be Said sent a comment (unpublished) to the Daily Bastaradette regarding the outrageous theft of several Baby Safe Haven signs that mar the Boston and environs landscape. The ones that point “frightened” teens with no names to the nearest baby dump site. Included with the note was a link to a Boston Herald, story, Baby Safe Haven signs mysteriously go missing. The article, except for the first two paragraphs, the not-to-be-missed reader comments, and a picture of wowzsy BSH spokes-singer Rene Marcou freezing her bazooms off in front of a fire station, is in the Herald’s paid archives now. (photo Mattthew West, Boston Herald). I’ve got the original, and now you can have the lowdown:

Three “Baby Safe haven” signs stripped from street poles near local hospitals have left advocates baffled over how, when and why they were removed….

…[the signs] are not just vital signposts, they have “historical significance“because they helped draw both local and worldwide attention to the Safe Haven law, which has saved 13 babies in the Bay States since 2004, said Michael Morrisey, co-founder of Baby Safe Haven New England.

Historical significance? The Old North Church, the Old South Meeting House, Boston Commons, Faneuil Hall, the Brattle Book Shop, Harvard Square, and Fenway Park have “historical signficance.” Not electric yellow street signs showing “desparate parents” or their friends of friends where to dump and run an “unwanted” newborn.

The article goes on to tell us that the loss of such important historical artifacts would be made up for (sorta) at a fundraiser at Boston’s Hard Rock Cafe on May 24.

Can I make this up?

I haven’t heard how that went.

Oh, and one more thing. Desperate sign stealers can turn in their unwanted signs at any hospital: no blame, no shame, no name.

They Whose Name Must Not Be Said also sent me directions to the fire station closest to MIT. Now I don’t know if this were a set-up to catch me and my Bastard minions stealing a sign in broad daylight (I left my all burglar tools at home) or just a friendly tourist tip. But, since one of my major goals in life is to see a BSH sign in person I followed the instructions hoping for the best.

After a walk here:

and here:

I finally found this:

followed by this:

and this:

and it’s a great relief to know that MIT/Harvard area babies would not be left here:

Thank you They Whose Names Must Not Be Said for relieving my mind and helping me reach a goal otherwise unfulfilled.

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5 Replies to “Somone is Stealing the Baby Safe Haven Signs of Boston!”

  1. (Go you one better, what does it mean when the word verification captcha on this post was “missin”?

    Could I make such a co-inkydink up?

    So naturally, I had to comment.)

    As for historical artifacts or places of historic significance? Please.

    Let me guess, next certain babydump pimps will be lobbying hard, trying to establish “historical artifact” status for any broken condoms that led to the existence of eventual kids that went on to be abandoned.

    Or perhaps working to ensure that car backseats are carefully preserved as places of historic significance, and make it to the museums too?

    Hey, we could add bloody toilet paper and clothes that were used to try to clean up after the secret births while we’re at it.

    After all, were it not for such apparently precious historic artifacts, we would have nothing to point to in order to call to mind the amazing set of circumstances by which little dumplings, stripped of their rights came to their eventual “forever families” right?

    I mean we’re talking about people who conflate florescent advertising campaigns explaining the finer points of how to abandon babies with the icons of genuine historical significance most people associate with Boston.

    Once you’re at the level of banality can saving wads of precious bloody toilet paper be far behind?

    Let’s just say certain lunatics have lost all perspective at this point.

  2. Ahhhh. Boston was lovely this time of year. Muwahahahahah

    Seriously, can I say, “Way to go” to the stealers of the “historical relics?”

  3. I think it possible that they are stealing their own signs to get more publicity. It did get them publicity, after all and that is what they are about.

    Who would want the ugly things? No, they are certainly not historic, no more than a stop sign or a sign for any business or for that matter a public restroom or deer crossing sign.

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