We sadly mark the loss of another long-time activist, Libbi Campbell. Libbi died July 4 of complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I knew about her passing, but that’s about it.

Today’s Boston Globe features an article on Libbi and her work Elizabeth Campbell; counselor fought to change adoption laws.

I met Libbi only a couple times, the last time at the 2007 ACONE conference, where she staffed a CUB table, though I was familiar with her for years through CUB.

Here is an excerpt from the Globe article:

When she was not helping teens deal with curveballs that life threw their way, she was often working on a political issue she held dear: changing adoption laws. Since the late 1970s, she was the regional coordinator for Concerned United Birthparents, a support group for birth parents. More recently, she successfully lobbied for the passage of state legislation that increases access to birth records by adoptees.

“It didn’t get reduced to something that was just words on paper,” herdaughter Kiera of Arlington said. “She was thrilled to see that.”

Her work over the years to promote awareness of the issues facing birth parents earned her several awards. In April, her doctor let her skip a round of chemotherapy to accept a Recognition Award from the Adoption Community of New England.

Go here to read her acceptance speech at the 2008 ACONE conference.

A memorial service for Libbi will be held August 16 at 11 am at First parish Church in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Thanks to Kippa for the heads-up!

Photo: from ACONE


  1. Libbie was a good person and hard worker for CUB and adoption reform. I met her at many CUB events and she was always pleasant and helpful to all.

    May her soul rest in peace; she died too young.

  2. Wasn’t this already news here on Bastardette.

    Noticed Kippa posted it on alt too.

    I read about it somewhere and thought it was here.

    any news on the Miles?

  3. No not here I had a piece on Denney Glad. I knew that Libbi had died, but didn’t have anything on it This article appeared in today’s Globe with a lot more information and a nice story. I believe there was a notice earlier, though on the CUB list

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