Madonna Update: Mercy Leaves Orphan Look Behind

Remember Mercy James, Madonna’s latest Malawian acquisition, and how worried we were about her?

While working on something else today I found a recent picture of the youngest Ciccone that certainly puts my mind at ease, and I’m sure it will yours, too.

Through the modern miracle of adoption, Mercy has gone from the unfashionable orphan look:

to the fashionable internationally adopted by a celebrity look:

She’s been spared Suri’s high heels, but what’s in the purse?

Meanwhile sister Lourdes and the entrepreneurial Mama have released a new teen line of clothes, Material Girl. At least they’re affordable. Can a Mercy line for the internationally adopted be far behind?
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5 Replies to “Madonna Update: Mercy Leaves Orphan Look Behind”

  1. Even the rich and famous celebrity adoptoraptors like to dress us up and parade us around.

    Nothing more rewarding than being someone else’s trophy.

  2. RE: the clothes, “at least they’re affordable.”

    Yeah, they’re probably manufactured in a sweatshop in Bangladesh that’s filled with exploited women and children. Wonder if Madonna has any concern about their working conditions? Oh, and when did she become a seamstress…does she own a sewing machine? Can one be a clothing designer without having any knowledge of how clothes are actually made?

    Sorry for the rant, I am just completelely repulsed by products that have a celebrity name attached…not my job to contribute to their obscene levels of wealth.

  3. A few days ago my radio was on and I heard a news sound byte that Madonna’s Malawi orphanage is in trouble. Something about how the material girl doesn’t understand the culture there. Stay tuned!

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