Welcome Back, Triona! Some Wise Words from 73 Adoptee

Yay! 73adoptee73 is back.  She’s come out of retirement–at least a little bit–to write on the Feigenholtz-Mitchell scam in Illinois.  She also gives us her analysis of AdoptionLand and why she has reassessed her role as a activist. I wholeheartedly agree with her on both counts.  . Honestly ,why do any of us continue with this–well–shit in our lives. It’s great to have Triona back, but she’s got a sobering message with 73adoptee Returns! But Nobody is Coming Back for Left Behind Illinois Adoptees. Two different topics covered, yet tightly related. First, on the glad-handing in Illinois where the seller-outs refuse to admit they sold out: Illinois is not open. Illinois is sort-of open to adoptees who unwittingly end up playing roulette with their own rights. Some will win. Some will inevitably lose. I’m on the losing team, so I know how it feels. Everybody’s celebrating and they’ve forgotten you. Or, if they remember, it’s to slap you on the back and say, “better luck next time” before they go off to congratulate the winners. But adoption isn’t football. There’s only one game, the Adoption Game, and if you make a mistake you don’t get a do-over. I remain disgruntled Continue Reading →


Due to the length this entry was becoming, the time involved in researching and writing it, and the need to get information out immediately on the abomination known as Illinois HB 5428, I am publishing this blog in parts. Depending on the finished product it will be in either two or three parts. Here, in Part 1, is an overview of the bill and its murky passage through the Illinois House. I also comment on machinations that appear to have gotten it passed under everybody’s radar when similiar bills for more than a decade have been met with loud howls from us. Illinois Open and Bastard Nation will release an Action Alert shortly. This entry and the part(s) to follow should be read in conjunction with the action alert. NOTE: In 2008 I wrote extensively on HB 5428’s predecessor look-alike, HB 4623. Two of my blogs llinois Warning! Trainwreck ahead for records rights and Illinois: That train keeps a rollin’ – more piece-a-crap legislation context the current mess. I will also reference others as we move along. ****** And I feel like I’ve been here before/Feel like I’ve been here before/And you know it does make me wonder/What’s going on Continue Reading →


Yesterday Illinois State Representative and adoptee rights obstructionist Rep. Sara Feigenholtz lost her bid for Rahm Emmanuel’s 5th District Congressional seat. In a low turn-out special Democratic primary, Feigenholtz, considered by some to be the front runner, scored third in a field of 12 candidates. Our Sara lost to Cook County Commissioner and reformer Mike Quigley. While Feigenholtz and her followers like to think of her as “progressive” (she was endorsed by the National Organization for Women, Emily’s List, Equality Illinois, and SEIU), since the Obama victory in November she’s been demoted to old school Dem. She’s no Obama though she plays one. (Neither is Obama, but I’ll save that for another day!) And it didn’t help that she went negative on old friend Quigley. For those who care about these things, here’s a ward breakdown of the votes. Last night, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin wrote of the voter rebellion In a district the Machine has controlled since 1958 — except for two aberrant years — with congressmen named Rostenkowski, Blagojevich and Emanuel, the 5th was the ultimate insider’s seat. What exactly did an outsider like Quigley have that would change that? Voter rebellion. After a presidential campaign that Continue Reading →


Been wondering what our favorite Illinois adoptacrat Sara Feigenholtz has been up to? If you’re as curious as an adoptee rummaging through her parents’ desk, take a peek at Mary Fuller’s latest Rights of Adoptee blog (and be sure to check out the hilarious comments.) Rep. Feigenholtz recently spammed out a campaign fundraising letter inviting her fans–for a recommended donation–to an evening with her at 3609 Sheffield Rooftop–the in-crowd place to watch the Cubs Chaos ensued. Seems that Our Sarah (or an underling she can blame) misconfigured the list. Instead of a one-time announcement list, it’s now a discussion list–and boy are people discussing! Reportedly those spammed (the ones who stuck around and didn’t demand to be removed) included at least some of those adoptees and friends who at Sara’s request sent emails to her months ago about her “open records bill” that she never bothered to answer. (NOTE: her plea for letters is still up) STEALING HOMEThis is a perfect protest event. The only problem is local adoptees would probably have to ante up the “recommended donation” to get in. First base seats (the cheapest) are $150, but since they couldn’t even make it to there with Sara, they Continue Reading →


Feeling mad as hell and you won’t take it anymore? If not, you will after this! 73ADOPTEE WAITS FOR GODOT!RUN, DON”T WALK to Case Closed, Another Adoptee Becomes a Confidential Intermediary Statistic— 73adoptee’s memoir of her eight-year jack-around by the Midwest Adoption Center, aka, the Illinois Confidential Intermediary. You know, the CI program that Melisha Mitchell and Sara Feigenholtz expect Illinois adoptees to roll over and be grateful to them for. From what 73adoptee writes, it sounds like MAC operators Nancy Golden and Gretchen Schulert, have been possessed by the shade of the late Samuel Beckett. That can be the only explanation! After you read her account, go over to Guidestar (registration required) and check out how much the Nancy and Gretchen Show bilk bastards, their families, and Illinois taxpayers for each year–all with the blessing of the legislature. Just pour yourself a double Jack Daniels, type in “Midwest Adoption Center,”and read their 990s. While you’re at it, check out the Mitchell Mafia at the White Oak Foundation. After that little visit, there should be no doubt, even for the most sunny dispositioned adoptee, that that HB 4623 is about money. (see tag sidebar for numerous HB 4623 entries) 73adoptees’s Continue Reading →


Still not decided on Illinois HB 4623? (and other entries here). Still think something is better than nothing? If so, blogger 73adoptee has a lot to tell you about the Illinois Confidential Intermediary system. You know, the one that Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and Melisha Mitchell want to beef up just for you. The one that let’s the state monitor your identity. The one that says you’re too stupid, too clumsy, too insensitive, too dangerous, too crazy to own your very own birth certificate. The one that strips you of autonomy and free association. In her excellent blog Caveat Emptor On Confidential Intermediary Programs, 73adoptee aka Triona Guidry, discusses the Illinois CI system and her own experience as a client of the state CI scam. Here’s a sample: CI programs are little more than a panacea to placate open records advocates while paying lip service to helping adoptees. There are things about the process that aren’t in the brochure. First of all, you may not be eligible to apply. Once within the program, you may have little knowledge or control over what is done on your behalf. And if concerns arise, you may have little recourse. and Just about everything is Continue Reading →


Tonight Bastardette has to write a long over-due article for the Bastard Quarterly. But as a compulsive surfer she had to take a couple moments to see what non-bastards think about Illinois HB 4623. (We already know what Bastards think about it!). Let me tell you! It’s galling to be on the “same side” as these ahistorical sob sisters who can’t go from A to B without detouring to Peoria. The twisted paths would make Proust envious. At least the Illinois Catholic Conference, despite its control issues, remains neutral. As for the Illinois Review,‘s “Pandora’s Box” fears: why is this classical reference always used in an attempt to intimidate adoptees? As adoptee rights activist and poet Penny Partridge will tell you, what’s left in the bottom of the box is Hope. (left: Penny opens Pandora’s Box, performance piece, AAC Conference Portland, OR, March 2008. Photo by Bastardette). Lets begin!Illinois Federation for Right to Life Legislation: HB 4623–The Adoption-Confid Intermediary Bill ARGUMENT: A non-anonymous birth parent will out an anonymous birth parent. For their own good, the state has a duty to monitor, control and forbid free speech and association amongst its citizens. (Shouts to us in CAPS, but I’ll save Continue Reading →


BASTARD NATION: THE ADOPTEE RIGHTS ORGANIZATION P.O. Box 1469 Edmond, OK www.bastards.org PLEASE DISTRIBUTE FREELY ILLINOIS ACTION ALERT URGE THE ILLINOIS HOUSE TO VOTE NO ON HB4623 HB 4623, sponsored by Representative Sara Feigenholtz, is a dangerous bill and must be voted down. Sometime during the month of April, the Illinois House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on HB4623. We do not know what day the bill will get to the House floor, so we must ACT IMMEDIATELY in order to let our voices be heard. {Please see easy Contact Information below} IF PASSED INTO LAW, HB 4623 WOULD……..give birth parents 6 months after the bill is passed to file “Denial of Information” forms with the Adoption Registry. Any adoptee whose birth parent files a “Denial of Information” form will NOT receive an original birth certificate. This section includes a 6 month advertising campaign to let birthmothers know their choices. …..define three different classes of adult adoptees, those born before 1946, those born between January 1, 1946 and January 2009, and all prospective adoptions. …..give all prospective birth parents 21 years in which to file a Denial of Information Form. Current law requires them to file a denial within Continue Reading →


Adoption Reform Illinois has just released its analysis and projected effect of HB 4623. Entitled Separating Fact from Hype, [pdf] the two-page report contains little nuggets the Mitchell-Feigenholtz spin machine doesn’t want you to know about its 77-page “simple” and “adoptee friendly” bill. For example: HB 4623 allows birth parents wishing no contact to exercise an access veto. In these situations adoptees will receive a birth certificate with the names of the parents and the birth name of the adoptee removed. Yes, under this bill your own name can be removed from an original government document that is about you and belongs to you. As someone pointed out earlier, isn’t that records tampering? Sure it is! But, I guess if it’s about adoption it’s OK for apparatchiks to fold, spindle, and mutilate you. Just be grateful you were born. Be happy that friendly politicians and paternalistic adoption industrialists are here to feel your pain. Take what your unworthy infantile ass can get. Shut up! Go here to access the Green Ribbons sponsored Adoption Reform Illinois resource page. All documents are in pdf form so be sure you have Adobe to read them. Besides Separating Fact from Hype you’ll find a Continue Reading →