Been wondering what our favorite Illinois adoptacrat Sara Feigenholtz has been up to? If you’re as curious as an adoptee rummaging through her parents’ desk, take a peek at Mary Fuller’s latest Rights of Adoptee blog (and be sure to check out the hilarious comments.)

Rep. Feigenholtz recently spammed out a campaign fundraising letter inviting her fans–for a recommended donation–to an evening with her at 3609 Sheffield Rooftop–the in-crowd place to watch the Cubs

Chaos ensued.

Seems that Our Sarah (or an underling she can blame) misconfigured the list. Instead of a one-time announcement list, it’s now a discussion list–and boy are people discussing! Reportedly those spammed (the ones who stuck around and didn’t demand to be removed) included at least some of those adoptees and friends who at Sara’s request sent emails to her months ago about her “open records bill” that she never bothered to answer. (NOTE: her plea for letters is still up)

This is a perfect protest event. The only problem is local adoptees would probably have to ante up the “recommended donation” to get in. First base seats (the cheapest) are $150, but since they couldn’t even make it to there with Sara, they should feel free to sneak in. Better yet, as typical ungrateful adoptees, just break down the doors.


  1. I find it so fascinating that Sara has time to spam us about her fundraiser but goes silent on any attempts to discuss, in public or private, the ineffectiveness of the Illinois CI program and the tidal wave of opposition to Illinois HB 4623.

    I’d like to see her visit a public setting, like Bastardette’s blog or Mary’s or mine, and answer the questions the adoption community has about her efforts to “help” adoptees and their families in Illinois.

    As of this afternoon, the mailstorm of “remove me from your list” messages continues. The official excuse from the Feigenholtz camp is “server error,” but this 20-year computer veteran says that server’s working fine. The problem is that nobody over there seems capable of figuring out how to moderate a list, an elementary function any Internet helpdesker worth their salt ought to know.

    If Sara can’t even get this right, how are we expected to trust that the multipage monstrosity of Illinois HB 4623 is in our best interests, just on her say-so?

    This is why the government needs to get out of the “adoptee records provider” business and let people decide for themselves.

  2. I hope a fly ball hits Sara right on her already too big yenta nose…
    Is she in the UCLU? THAT would explain everything…


  3. To Stepford Child,

    No one is more opposed to Sara Feigenholtz’ politics than I am. She and I have been feuding for years.

    Nevertheless, I felt a little sick when I read your description of Sara: “I hope a fly ball hits Sara right on her already too big yenta nose…”

    IMHO, your characterization is anti-semitic. I was very offended by it.


  4. I wasn’t being anti-semitic but you are being oversensative and anal-the word yenta means nosy-even jewish people call other jewish people yentas-since Feigenholtz can’t keep her destructive nose out of adoptees buisness, then that is what she shall be called. If the shoe fits, etc, etc..

  5. Futhermore I have to say this-alot of people in the UCLU are jewish and gay and we all know this organization along with the stupid Knights Of Columbus & the church are trying to keep our adoption records closed-the UCLU has ALOT of nerve to do this when they fight to stop oppression and bigotry towards the gay community, African Americans and jewish people-it makes them nothing but hypocrites with a major double standard problem-you can’t complain that people are oppressing you through laws and bigotry when you try to oppress others in the same ways-people need to get real about this entire issue. Nuff said.


  6. What’s the UCLU? Do you mean ACLU?

    On another note, I think it’s one thing when a Jewish person refers to “yenta”; another when a non-Jewish person does. When Newt Gingrich calls the offspring of unmarried parents “bastards” we know he’s insulting us and oour parents. You didn’t intend for it to come across anti-semetic, but it did.

    Liberal organizations are full of all sorts of people. Lots of Prots. It doesn’t do to generalize. If adoptees would put their money and bodies where their mouths are (as queers and AA’s do and come out en force, kick the bums out of office, and squeeze leggies’ balls, a lot more would be accomplished. Being priviledged by class and race,however, most are loathe to see themselves as boat rockers. Oh please give me my obc. I’ll be good. I promise. Not that anyone here is like that, but in greater AdoptionLand there are.

  7. StepFordChild, please know the expression, “big yenta nose is stereotyping”, and is anti-semitic
    in nature. There is nothing you can say to sugar coat it, but to apologize to those it offends.

  8. Argh…!! I did mean embarassing, ty Marley for correcting me. And no, I wasn’t trying to be anti-semitic-you are right again-obviously my generation has met the gap because in my day whenever people were putting their noses where they shouldn’t, be it elementry, or high school everyone always said, “keep you big fat nose out of it”-hell, I think I even remember a “Get Smart” episode with that line. I did however have a jewish friend in the 80’s who was getting a divorce from her husband-she was a riot and made me smile-and if I had a buck for every time she called him a “schumck” and her almost ex-mother in law a “yenta” maybe I could of paid off congressmen by now to open our records again :)Happily however she remarried a few years later to a “nicer guy with a better mother” :)I like anyone who wants our records open and I hate anyone who wants them closed-so anyone who tries to deny me my idenity and information concerning my birth finds me for them for that an equal opportunity “hater”…. (I can hear a chorus of the NCFA & the church as I write this, you big “hater” bastard…you big “hater” bastard….)
    Didn’t mean to ripple the waters on your blog Marley-sorry


  9. And by the by-if that expression I grew up with-“keep your big fat nose out of it” was in any way relating to jewish people, then I am unaware of that-I always felt it was reflecting on people like my Adoptive Mommie Dearest…(you know the good Christian woman who replyed to someone saying Oh God” with Yes? And MEANT that….blech, blech blech…)


  10. Ah, Stepford Child, you bring out the poster in me when you talk about people calling other people, who take a stand against any kind of injutice involving adoption, either “haters” or “hostile.”

    I just rejected a comment from someone who informed me they would just stick to the pro-adoption sites since all of us who have issues with adoption and HOW IT WAS DONE, seem so “hostile.” If I had a dollar for everytime I have been called, “bitter,” “hostile” or even “hateful,” I could take a really nice vacation.

    My driving issue is the injustices towards the Senior Mothers of the Baby Scoop Era, basically, YOUR mothers. But I also strongly support open records. It still boggles my mind that my daughter, who is now a grandmother to three with another on the way, can pay taxes, own a home, drive a car, watch her son go to Iraq (Goddess, watch over him) take the responsibility for so many things, but still cannot get her OBC. Oh, and her name is, you guessed it, Sara! She knows me, knows who her father is, and knows all the circumstances of her birth and they still sit on that OBC like a hen trying to hatch an old egg.

    Gee, I wonder why we’re so angry? Hmmmm? I know it bothers me when someone says they will follow up on something and then acts like it never was said. That’s irresponsible and dishonest.

  11. Robin-I hope you know I was mocking the Pro-Adoption world & the church when I used the term “hater”-I guess I don’t give a shit if I am seen as a “hater” by people who hated first. Nothing reflects hate greater than ripping a newborn from his or her mother causing emotional torture to both all because hypocrite people can’t forgive. Mix that insepid action, with lies and confusion and we see so clearly that the church is really the church of satan! People who call you hostile Robin can go to hell in a handbasket-it is just another sleezy way they use transference so they don’t have to admit or take blame for the sins THEY commited towards you and us. But I am sure you know that. If anyone calls me a “hater” or hostile or any other mind game playing term, then I will simply say thank you for the compliment. Thank you for regonizing that I have the guts to stand up and fight against an evil corporate world and spirtitualy demented people instead of being the sacrifial lamb like they want me to be. I am not sure what happened when you gave birth to the child that was conceived in rape, but if you wanted to give that baby up for adoption, even as an adoptee I understand that. But Robin please remember you love that child that was conceived in that manner so the last thing you are is hostile and hateful. That fact should be shoved in their faces. The next time some butthead sends you a rude comment, indecently and irrationally cutting you down for being angry & a “hater” tell them I said it takes one to make one…..:)

    The Rotten Little Ungrateful Bastard “hater”

  12. I wanted to keep him, Stepford, but there was that SW and the shamed parents and the BSE mindset. He is so lost and damaged and I never held his conception against him. He was innocent and, even at 17, I had enough discernment in me to know that. If hating the institution that hurt both me and my children makes me a “hater,” then so be it.

    Hey, I’M a “barfmuggle.” Why Don’t I pick this little lady up and go leave her off at a “Safe Haven?” Maybe they can find a nice home for her.

  13. None of this was your fault Robin-you had so much evil against you, the same evil that plagues us now. I think it is awesome that you are with your son at present for the rest of your life, and he knows you love him. I know all about being lost because of adoption-I will never be who I could of been if I had not been adopted and tangled up in a deceptive fanged black spiders web-adoption destroys everything and everyone-I am not sure what SW means-both adoptees and you BSE moms have suffered cruel and unusal punishement we never desrved, so wear your “hater” badge proud! Hell, I’m gonna, maybe I will even make a bumpersticker..:)I’m going to take a look at your blog today-I bet it is great-mine is about to be launched via links-it is called “The Improper Adoptee”-blogs for adoptees that live outside of the box they want to keep us in”
    Take care Robin

    Proud “Hater” Bastard

  14. Whoops-my blog reads-“blogs for adoptees that think outside of the box they want us to live in”.
    Dumb typos.


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