Adoption Reform Illinois has just released its analysis and projected effect of HB 4623. Entitled Separating Fact from Hype, [pdf] the two-page report contains little nuggets the Mitchell-Feigenholtz spin machine doesn’t want you to know about its 77-page “simple” and “adoptee friendly” bill. For example:

HB 4623 allows birth parents wishing no contact to exercise an access veto. In these situations adoptees will receive a birth certificate with the names of the parents and the birth name of the adoptee removed.

Yes, under this bill your own name can be removed from an original government document that is about you and belongs to you.

As someone pointed out earlier, isn’t that records tampering? Sure it is! But, I guess if it’s about adoption it’s OK for apparatchiks to fold, spindle, and mutilate you. Just be grateful you were born. Be happy that friendly politicians and paternalistic adoption industrialists are here to feel your pain. Take what your unworthy infantile ass can get. Shut up!

Go here to access the Green Ribbons sponsored Adoption Reform Illinois resource page. All documents are in pdf form so be sure you have Adobe to read them. Besides Separating Fact from Hype you’ll find a nifty Media Backgrounder (helpful with your local media), ARI’s letter to legislators (complete with “obscure” signatories), and contact information for Illinois legislators. This page is an invaluable resource for Illinois adoptees and their families who actually believe in rights, not government favors. Also check in with Illinois Open and Illinois Open MySpace.

Use them!

Spread the word!

Kill this bill before Mitchell and Feigenholtz kill adoptee rights in Illinois!

Bastard Nation plans to send out an action alert with specific talking points.

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