Feeling mad as hell and you won’t take it anymore? If not, you will after this!

RUN, DON”T WALK to Case Closed, Another Adoptee Becomes a Confidential Intermediary Statistic— 73adoptee’s memoir of her eight-year jack-around by the Midwest Adoption Center, aka, the Illinois Confidential Intermediary. You know, the CI program that Melisha Mitchell and Sara Feigenholtz expect Illinois adoptees to roll over and be grateful to them for.

From what 73adoptee writes, it sounds like MAC operators Nancy Golden and Gretchen Schulert, have been possessed by the shade of the late Samuel Beckett. That can be the only explanation! After you read her account, go over to Guidestar (registration required) and check out how much the Nancy and Gretchen Show bilk bastards, their families, and Illinois taxpayers for each year–all with the blessing of the legislature. Just pour yourself a double Jack Daniels, type in “Midwest Adoption Center,”and read their 990s. While you’re at it, check out the Mitchell Mafia at the White Oak Foundation. After that little visit, there should be no doubt, even for the most sunny dispositioned adoptee, that that HB 4623 is about money. (see tag sidebar for numerous HB 4623 entries)

73adoptees’s story needs to be spread around the world.

From 73adoptee:
This started as a simple request for my records. Twelve years later, the adoption industry has turned me into a vocal advocate for adoptee rights. It’s ironic that if the records weren’t sealed, there wouldn’t be people like me publicly questioning the adoption industry’s more dubious practices.

And As Baby Love Child comments:
Flat out, I don’t know where Bastards find the strength to fight over and over again again against the impossibility of our situations, courtesy of State legislatures, who over and over again fail to show the (gender irrelevant) balls and clout it’d take to clean up the messes so many individual States have made.

Check out
Expectant Mom Upset by Offensive Offer. Seems some predatory paps in Everett, Washington, offered to adopt the baby of the married and pregnant waitress at the restaurant they and a gang of their yuppie friends were bloating at.

After they left, she opened the bill holder to get the tip and also found a card inside that read:

We wish to adopt a baby. We are a caring, happily married, financially secure and loving couple. We want to share our joy and love with a child.

The card included the names of the couple and phone numbers.

Of course, this Predatory Pap MO is hardly new. Old timers on alt.adoption will remember when some paps showed up unannounced and offered to adopt Lisa Boo’s unborn baby after reading that she hadn’t yet tied the knot with The Mister. She was too busy, you see, finishing her Ph.D. and planning her wedding.

Stop the insanity!

And have a nice weekend!


  1. Oh like I needed to read that. Theres a couple nuts on Yahoo Answers Adoption section defending those paps and their solicitation card. “The agencies,” after all, “told them to do it.”

    73Adoptee has sure put light onto the crappy CI systems. A joke is what they are, and are made to profit off of us for SURE!

    Great job w/ the 990 forms too, aren’t those a fun little toy. Quite revealing indeed.


  2. I don’t have Guidestar, but nothing about CI programs would surprise me at this point. Oh, but they “need” to charge to re-open cases, even if the work has already been done! And HB 4623 is “better” for adoptees because it would let us reapply in more circumstances – which only equates to more money in CI coffers.

    As for the paps, they need reminding that parenting is a privilege, not a right!

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