Got this the other day and thought I’d share it. I really enjoyed Penny’s one-woman show at the AAC in Portlandearlier this year. Penny is one of the pioneers of the adoptee right movement and an all-around nice person. If you’re in New York, check out the show! And next time somebody warns you getting your obc or recovering your identity will “open a Pandora’s Box” tell them that Hope remained at the bottom of the box. …..Bastardette The Adoption Circle of the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies invites you to attenda One-Woman Performance Piece by Penny Callan Partridge to be held at The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies16 West 10th StreetNew York, NY OCTOBER 17TH 7:30 – 9:30 PM We are delighted to be joined by Penny Callan Partridge, whose performance piece hastouched and educated audiences from Portland, Oregon to Florence, Italy. Pandora Out of the Box will trace her evolving relationship with the Pandora story. It will include poetry,politics, humor, history, and of the importance of knowing and telling one’s story. for FLYER and additional info click: or go to and follow “UPCOMING EVENTS” to “Adoption Circle” Hope you can attend what promises to be Continue Reading →


Tonight Bastardette has to write a long over-due article for the Bastard Quarterly. But as a compulsive surfer she had to take a couple moments to see what non-bastards think about Illinois HB 4623. (We already know what Bastards think about it!). Let me tell you! It’s galling to be on the “same side” as these ahistorical sob sisters who can’t go from A to B without detouring to Peoria. The twisted paths would make Proust envious. At least the Illinois Catholic Conference, despite its control issues, remains neutral. As for the Illinois Review,‘s “Pandora’s Box” fears: why is this classical reference always used in an attempt to intimidate adoptees? As adoptee rights activist and poet Penny Partridge will tell you, what’s left in the bottom of the box is Hope. (left: Penny opens Pandora’s Box, performance piece, AAC Conference Portland, OR, March 2008. Photo by Bastardette). Lets begin!Illinois Federation for Right to Life Legislation: HB 4623–The Adoption-Confid Intermediary Bill ARGUMENT: A non-anonymous birth parent will out an anonymous birth parent. For their own good, the state has a duty to monitor, control and forbid free speech and association amongst its citizens. (Shouts to us in CAPS, but I’ll save Continue Reading →