Birth Certificate Webinar: What the Adoption Industry Thinks of NJ’s Compromise Bill

I was going to write about something else tonight, but then this came along on Facebook (thank you Claud!). I couldn’t resist: Adoption – The Open Birth Certificate Webinar sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association. Don’t expect to catch a break. The NJ Bar opposes your right to your own birth certificate The webinar will be held Thursday (November 18) from noon to 1:00 PM. The Convenor is Daniel M Serviss, a family law attorney in New Jersey with Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith and Davis. He is not a member of Quad A (The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys) which also hates bastards except when members can make a bag of money facilitating their transfer from inappropriate birther wombs to appropriate adopter cradles. Bastard Nation leaves no one behind, and it’s no secret that BN and Bastardette oppose the current NJ piece-a-crap AB1399/1406/S799. But we also oppose the NJ Bar’s bright bulb (see below): the Confidential Intermediary System. You know, when the state hires low-paid functionaries and contractors to hunt down parents in hiding so you don’t have to. Even compliant compromisers hate this. Here is Bastard Nation’s policy paper on CI’s, The Intermediary System is not the Solution, Continue Reading →


Still not decided on Illinois HB 4623? (and other entries here). Still think something is better than nothing? If so, blogger 73adoptee has a lot to tell you about the Illinois Confidential Intermediary system. You know, the one that Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and Melisha Mitchell want to beef up just for you. The one that let’s the state monitor your identity. The one that says you’re too stupid, too clumsy, too insensitive, too dangerous, too crazy to own your very own birth certificate. The one that strips you of autonomy and free association. In her excellent blog Caveat Emptor On Confidential Intermediary Programs, 73adoptee aka Triona Guidry, discusses the Illinois CI system and her own experience as a client of the state CI scam. Here’s a sample: CI programs are little more than a panacea to placate open records advocates while paying lip service to helping adoptees. There are things about the process that aren’t in the brochure. First of all, you may not be eligible to apply. Once within the program, you may have little knowledge or control over what is done on your behalf. And if concerns arise, you may have little recourse. and Just about everything is Continue Reading →