Yesterday Illinois State Representative and adoptee rights obstructionist Rep. Sara Feigenholtz lost her bid for Rahm Emmanuel’s 5th District Congressional seat. In a low turn-out special Democratic primary, Feigenholtz, considered by some to be the front runner, scored third in a field of 12 candidates.

Our Sara lost to Cook County Commissioner and reformer Mike Quigley. While Feigenholtz and her followers like to think of her as “progressive” (she was endorsed by the National Organization for Women, Emily’s List, Equality Illinois, and SEIU), since the Obama victory in November she’s been demoted to old school Dem. She’s no Obama though she plays one. (Neither is Obama, but I’ll save that for another day!) And it didn’t help that she went negative on old friend Quigley.

For those who care about these things, here’s a ward breakdown of the votes.

Last night, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin wrote of the voter rebellion

In a district the Machine has controlled since 1958 — except for two aberrant years — with congressmen named Rostenkowski, Blagojevich and Emanuel, the 5th was the ultimate insider’s seat.

What exactly did an outsider like Quigley have that would change that?

Voter rebellion.

After a presidential campaign that captured our imagination and vaulted a black man from Illinois onto the global stage, in just one short, miserable month this state went back to being the corruption capital of the Western world.

Our governor had been grabbed by the FBI.

Our new U.S. senator, appointed by the recently grabbed governor, couldn’t tell a straight story about how he got the job.

And every single day, the economy in Cook County — home of the highest sales tax in the nation — was tanking.

There is nothing more Bastardette would like to see than Feigenholtz get outta Springfield. After spending 14 years in the Illinois House, pretending to support adoptee civil rights, Feigenholtz, who is adopted and has her own information, needs to be put out to pasture. She has repeatedly claimed to support unrestricted access to original birth certificates but waffled on introducing and supporting clean bills, gone back on promises, and refused to communicate with activists. When the going gets tough…she gets going. Her latest “pro-adoptee” bid is HB 4623, a beef-up of the pocket-lining Illinois Reunion Registry and CI system.

Bastardette is happy Feigenholtz lost. She is also unhappy that her loss is a loss for Illinois adoptees who remain saddled with this obstructionist hypocrite.

Feigenholtz “owns” adoption in the Illinois legislature, making it difficult for pols, with less juice to introduce and pass clean bills. Until she’s evicted, Illinois will probably remain in a holding pattern.

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  1. I believe last year’s bill (4623) is dead, but unfortunately, not forgotten.

    On Feb. 6th, Sara filed a shell bill – HB 747. It’s sitting there for whenever she needs to use it. And my bet is – she will use it before this session is over.

    We’re watching!!!

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