Safe Haven Baby Boxes Coming to Florida Soon

During Tuesday’s broadcast Kelsey and Kevin Albin, an SHBB activist in Delaware, Ohio said that Florida has had 20 unsafe abandonments since 2017. Kelsey said “deaths;” Albin said “unsafe abandonments.“ I don’t know where SHBB got its figures, but whether dead or alive, the numbers don’t jibe with statistics posted on the SHN website. According to Silverio’s numbers, there have been 8 known unsafe abandonments in that timeframe. Cases aren’t broken down by live and deceased,.but the total indicates that since 2000 there have been 64 known discards—30 alive and 34 dead. This year 12 Safe Haven events have occurred with no known unsafe discards. I don’t know whose figures are correct (if either) but the discrepancy is too wide not to be questioned The numbers need to be documented. Continue Reading →

More good news out of Missouri…Baby Box bill dies

Baby Box bill
HB1437,  died when the Missouri Legislature closed up shop on May 15. The bill would have amended the state’s Safe Haven Law to allow parents to drop off  infants up to 45 days old in a hole-in-the-wall Safe Haven Baby Box.  Read that again. 45  days old Continue Reading →

The Worst Baby Safe Haven Ad Ever

Recently Mike posted this Baby Safe Haven ad, the most fucked up BSH ad ever. I had to watch it three times before I could figure out what was going on. It makes Morrisey’s own Baby Safe Haven Rap look like VMA material. The provenance of the video is appropriately anonymous. It appears , however, to be produced in Massachusetts with three attractive young women (Sophia, Thalita; and Erica) recruited to the Morrisey cult with promises of pop fame and fortune; that is, one of Mike’s ego-popping braggadocio-filled Generation Y branding projects. Mike waxes ecstatic: Continue Reading →