Abortion and Parenting are Equally Bad: Ken Connor and the Topsy-Turvy World of Adoption and Abortion

Ken Connor ubiquitous abortion hater cum adoption worshiper, made an appearance today in the Christian Post. In his column Abortion and Adoption; Two Choices, Worlds Apart Connor groused over the lack of newborns available for adoption. Unmarried women who don’t place their children in “loving adoptive homes” are short changing themselves and their children. (Fathers aren’t mentioned.)
Connor lectures that adoption is win-win-win without asking bastards or their birthers how they feel about it. Picking up the pillow talk where Richard Land left off, the other day, Connor rhapsodizes on motherhood and mothers, especially the mother who becomes, as some first mother activists say, the “not mother”. The woman who is a mother but not a mother due to act of adoption., Continue Reading →