Listen to this. As of July 1, 2010, all of Puerto Rico’s previously issued birth certificates will be invalidated. This means that over 4.1 million Puerto Rico-born US citizens–over 1 million living off the island, mostly in the United States–will be forced to get new bcs or be treated like security risks with no legal existence. Kinda like adoptees. According to an article published by the Associated Press, Shock over voided Puerto Rican birth certificates, the new bcs are needed to combat identity fraud due to a lucrative trade in birth certificates and other ID documents stolen from schools and other institutions. The papers are then sold and used to get illegals into the US and to establish US citizenship. (Until this year Puerto Ricans on average were forced to get about 20 bcs in their lifetime, since everything from schools to sports teams required certified bcs kept on file.) Kenneth McClintock Hernandez, from the US State Department says that up to 40% of identity fraud in the US is generated out of Puerto Rico. The stolen bcs go for $5,000 – $10,000 each on the black market. (Note to Bastardette….oh, never mind!) The article indicates that the new law Continue Reading →

SPRINGFIELD SHENNIGHANS: Illinois Adoptees Hustled and Shuffled

Tuesday, I wrote that Amendment 1 to HB 4623, would be heard by the Illinois House Adoption Reform Committee the next day. This amendment would add limited records access language to the CI fix-it bill which had already passed Rules. I was told by sponsor Rep. Sara Feigenholtz’s office that this hearing was for language approval only. If approved, the amended bill would be published on the Illinois legislative site probably on Friday. I posted that information in good faith, wondering how it would really play out. Now we know. Late yesterday afternoon I was forwarded the email below sent by Melisha Mitchell, the putative author of the bill, with the news that HB 4623 had passed out of the Adoption Reform Committee, 8-1. The only opposition came from Illinois Right to Life. Dear All: I am happy to report that HB 4623, Illinois’ obc access bill, waspassed out of the House Adoption Reform Committee today, 8 votes to1. We had letters of support from most of the state’s prominentadoption agencies and adoptive parents’ groups as well as the supportof the Dept. of Public Health, Dept. of Children and Family Services,NASW, and IL Psychiatrists Assn.; in addition, the Chicago Bar Continue Reading →


I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.,,,Eugene V. Debs A sad day for Massachusetts adoptees: Governor Deval Patrick signed SB63. The ABC crowd couldn’t be happier. Though they have made no formal statement this was posted on their website this afternoon (September 6): We thank Governor Patrick, Senator Frederick E. Berry, Senator Karen E. Spilka, Representative John Lepper, Representative Stephen P. LeDuc, the Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities and the Massachusetts Legislative Children’s Caucus for making this bill law. We are also grateful to all the supporters in the adoption community who worked with us to get his bill signed into law. AND THEY WONDER WHY WE CALL THEM DEFORMERS!ABC* has done what no other “adoptee rights” organization has done. In its eagerness to “stop the clock” and play the hero, ABC lobbed an entire generation of adult adoptees into the great “dustbin of history.” It has (1) “legitimized” the false doctrine of ‘implied promises” promoted by NCFA et al for nearly 30 years ; and (2) acceded to the demands of blockhead politicians, adoption “professionals” and special interests to sell out the Continue Reading →


Bastardette received this a couple days ago. The petition is time-sensitive. Please sign it. Bastardette Dear All, Please sign the comments and circulate the link widely. We need a lot of signatures, so thatCARA really considers our comments.http://www.petitiononline.com/adoptee/petition.html Basically CARA acknowledges that many of us Adoptees do want to search for Roots and specifically open the records. But sadly they explicitly close the records in case of children born to unwed mothers. Practically that means many of us- if not most- are effectively stonewalled from any search and prevented from knowing our original identity. However since there is a chance of our voices being considered, before that comes into effect,let´s all try our best to achieve positive change. Since the comments have become a bit long, here the three main points summarised. a) Birthrecords: that Adoptees, do also get an original Birth Certificate, with the names of their biological parents b) Right to access to our files and records, even in case of children born to unwed mothers c) Support and Setting up of independent Post Adoption Services Thanks for your support! Warm regards Arun Dohle


Yippee!!! Bastard Nation is happy to welcome Maine as the 6th state to recognize the rights of adopted persons. Today Maine Governor John Baldacci signed HLD 1084, restoring the right of identity and birth certificates without restriction to adoptees 18 and older, born in Maine. The law takes effect January 1, 2009. LD 1084 passed both houses last week by a huge margin. Although there was some talk of the bill on a couple lists, OBC for ME, the Maine adoptee rights organization, asked Bastard Nation to sit on the news until the governor signed it into law and they could make their own announcement first. You can read about it here http://www.obcforme.org/ Bastard Nation congratulates Bobbi Beavers and OBC for ME for a job well done. They held the line and won. BN’s official statement will be released tonight and posted here and elsewhere.