Bastardette received this a couple days ago. The petition is time-sensitive. Please sign it.


Dear All,

Please sign the comments and circulate the link widely. We need a lot of signatures, so that
CARA really considers our comments.

Basically CARA acknowledges that many of us Adoptees do want to search for Roots and specifically open the records. But sadly they explicitly close the records in case of children born to unwed mothers. Practically that means many of us- if not most- are effectively stonewalled from any search and prevented from knowing our original identity.

However since there is a chance of our voices being considered, before that comes into effect,
let´s all try our best to achieve positive change.

Since the comments have become a bit long, here the three main points summarised.

a) Birthrecords: that Adoptees, do also get an original Birth Certificate, with the names of their biological parents

b) Right to access to our files and records, even in case of children born to unwed mothers

c) Support and Setting up of independent Post Adoption Services

Thanks for your support!

Warm regards

Arun Dohle

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