I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.,,,Eugene V. Debs

A sad day for Massachusetts adoptees: Governor Deval Patrick signed SB63. The ABC crowd couldn’t be happier. Though they have made no formal statement this was posted on their website this afternoon (September 6):

We thank Governor Patrick, Senator Frederick E. Berry, Senator Karen E. Spilka, Representative John Lepper, Representative Stephen P. LeDuc, the Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities and the Massachusetts Legislative Children’s Caucus for making this bill law. We are also grateful to all the supporters in the adoption community who worked with us to get his bill signed into law.

ABC* has done what no other “adoptee rights” organization has done. In its eagerness to “stop the clock” and play the hero, ABC lobbed an entire generation of adult adoptees into the great “dustbin of history.” It has (1) “legitimized” the false doctrine of ‘implied promises” promoted by NCFA et al for nearly 30 years ; and (2) acceded to the demands of blockhead politicians, adoption “professionals” and special interests to sell out the adopted class. ABC, top-heavy with industry know-it-alls and short on common sense, pimped a bill that age-segregates adoptee access to birth records and retains industry and state control over us .

Anita Field eloquently writes that SB63 divides adoptees into the Blessed and the Blacklisted.
To be Blessed one must have been born on or before July 17, 1974 or are yet to be born (on or after Jaunary 1, 2008.) The Blacklisted, adoptees born between those politically correct dates, are placed on a government watch list and forced, if they want their original birth records, to wallow before a judge for a court order. But don’t be discouraged! ABC and their industry friends have thrown blacklistees a leaky life raft upon which some can escape the onerous gaze of the law:

Senate Bill #63 further stipulates that evidence of birth parents willingness to provide information about their identity to the adopted person in the adoption record shall serve as sufficient evidence to grant access to the birth certificate.

Q: And what might this evidence be?
A: Whatever some adoptacrat wants it to be.

Q: And where is this evidence located?
A: In your adoption file at your adoption agency, of course–(if you can find out what agency it is) supervised and vetted by the very bottom feeders who for years have worked their pointy tails off to to keep your identity and records locked away in a government vault, far away from your greedy, ungrateful fingers.

I wonder how much they’ll charge to look for your file?

Again, from ABC (emphasis mine):

In 1986 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed a law that allowed Birth Parents to give written permission to release their identity to the child or children they relinquished. Every effort will be made to have all Adoption Agencies submit the names of all those in their files who meet this standard. This would include those involved in “Open Adoptions,” as well as those who have received letters with permission to release information.

Excuse me while I ROFLMAO, PMSL, ROLF, and LOL. And then cry. Sorry Charlie! Apparently, none of those ABC self-promoters was born after the cut-off date. More importantly, are the SB63 pimps even adopted? Does this bill effect them directly? Apparently not! The laundry list of adoption parasites…er, I mean practitioners, therapists, and social wreckers who supposedly promoted this bill is a who’s who of Massachusetts adoption option social engineers.

Desperate and undocumented blacklistees can sign up for a “subject to appropriation” state-run contact information registry that hasn’t been set up yet. We all know how useful, efficient and popular state registries are.

Finally, the truly up-the-creek-without-a-paddle can always “access accurate information about their history” by requesting their non-ID. (NOTE: When Bastardette requested her birthfather’s non-ID in Ohio she was told he was (1) a man; (2) Protestant; (3) blue collar, and (4) a high school drop-out. And it’s not like he was some stranger who chanced upon her mom at the Alibi Bar and then drifted away into the night from whence he came).

Of course, this is the way it was supposed to be. ABC spins its duplicity as favor, the greater good, with nary a serious concern for the blacklisted.

Earlier this year, ABC admitted that its strategy had always been to take what it could get. A statement now MIA from its page reads:

Passage of a bill, which covers access to as many adopted people in the Commonwealth as possible has been our sole priority since its inception ten years ago!

Currently ABC takes a more reactionary approach:

Senate Bill 63 strives to gain access to as many adopted persons as possible, as well as respecting all parties involved.

Respecting what? According to its current faq:

Senate Bill #63 recognizes the deeply held conviction of some that during the period in which access to birth records has been limited [mid-1974-present] some birth parents may have relied on this confidentiality.

It’s previous faq no longer online, for a near identical bill, was more explicit as to what MUST be respected:

Senate Bill #959 acknowledges an “implied promise” of confidentiality to some birth parents. These birth parents, who relinquished between July 17, 1974 and the present when all adoption records and birth certificates were sealed under Massachusetts law, believed that the adopted person would never have access to a birth parent’s identity.

So according to ABC, “implied promises” of confidentiality, debunked years ago by activists, legal scholars, judges, and many adoption professionals–and despite NCFA rhetoric, have never been demonstrated –is now accepted by Massachusetts deformers as “fact”– a lie we must “respect.” Does this mean if I hold a deeply held belief that my cats speak French, that they do? Perhaps ABC will be so kind as to pull out those implied promises and share them with their new best friend, NCFA to spread around in other states.

We know the usual hacks: The National Council for Adoption, “right to life” nuts, the ACLU, religious whack jobs, prissy feminists, and whatever group decides to beat up on adoptees this week. They are predictable, with their predictable arguments, their predictable power suits, their predictable testimony, and their predictable defense of their predictable agendas. Unlike us, they usually have no personal stake in what they do, outside of holding on to their salaries. They trudge through their day finger-wagging ungrateful adoptees, heroizing birthmothers, and fawning adopters They pull absurd “facts” and justifications for keeping birth certificates sealed, out their ass to pass along to dull-minded politicians who would rather do dog-talk with Michael Vick than give an adoptee an identity; thus offending some important colleague or rich constituent.

We know these enemies. We accept them. Sometimes, we may even respect them.

But there should be no respect for the Benedict Bastards, who slither their way through the statehouse–the compromisers, the apologists, the people pleasers, the industry-identifiers, the cowards who happily sell the birthright of their fellow bastards and adoptees for their little mess of pottage.

Several people have written us tonight asking who these Benedict Bastards are. They want them called out. Not surprisingly, the ABC website has taken down the names of its leadership team, leaving them as appropriately anonymous as blacklistees. I have a hard copy list of ABC leaders, but we have heard that some left over compromise disputes. We hope this is true. If we can verify current names, I will post them. These people should be held accountable for their misdeeds

In the meantime go over and read the names of the “supporting” organizations. If that doesn’t give you the adoption creepy crawlies, I don’t know what will. There is nothing wrong with institutional support, but no genuine records access bill has passed in any state except through the dedicated leadership and control of adopted persons.–not “professionals” who make their money off of adoption and the misery of others. As my colleague BB Church wrote tonight on the BN BEST list: “Where is the voice of the adoptee in this? What adoptee would say, with a straight face, that we must “Stop the Clock!” They didn’t stop any clock, they froze it, freezing out adoptees born in the Twilight Zone. “

As a side note, several months ago leaders of two organizations on the current ABC list told me that their groups did not support the compromised legislation. They said they would ask their names be removed from the list, but they are still there. To the best of my knowledge these organizations still do not support SB63, but it’s up to them to say so.

ABC says that SB63 is about “respect” and “restoration.” It is about neither. It is about the continued state regulation of adoptee identity. This abomination. can have far reaching effects in other states where compromise is only a motion away. It is a shame that adopted persons throughout the US and Canada may have to pay for the reckless behavior of the anything-at-any cost ABC Gang. But the larger shame lays on the head of ABC, who co-opted the rights of all for favors for some.

As long as there is a lower class I am in it As long as there is a criminal element, I am of it As long as there is a soul in prison I am not free…Eugene V. Debs


I will be writing more about this later, but I wanted to get something out tonight.

* all ABC quotes, unless specified, are taken from the current ABC webpage. These quotes and similar quotes are spread redundantly thoughout the page


  1. The ABC site is filled with untruths such as this
    >”Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Tennessee changed their laws to allow full access.”
    Thirty-four years worth of adoptees just thrown aside. Once again told that they just don’t measure up – don’t “deserve” to have equal access. It is hard to imagine waking up this morning & being one of those unlucky ones. It’s one thing to have a bunch of legislators stomp on your rights but it’s quite another to be left behind by those who were supposed to watching over your rights. This is too disgusting for words.

    These deformers should be publicly listed and it would be lovely if we could find a way to take their access rights away.


  2. Crap. I thought we still had until Monday at least. I had written, not that it would do any good. I am so sick of adoptees throwing each other to the wind under the name of compromise.

    What year were the adoptees who supported this nonsense born in?

  3. Stupid stupid stupid….
    And then makes no sense!
    And I just love what ever crawled up their butts to make them decide what the balcklisted years are. Let’s see…I surrendered in 1987 and definaltly DO remember signing the waiver allowing for Max to find me…even BEFORE he was born and I signed the papers letting him go! But they needed to respect me?? Well dern..if they respected me and my needs, then…well why is 87 grouped with the undeserving?? Confidentialy my ass!

    Poop on MA!

  4. The passage and signing of the bill happened very quickly. As I’ve written over the last couple years, it had been very difficult from the beginning (actually going back to to 2001) to find out what was going on with this bill and similar bills. Everybody, just not BN and MARTA, were blown off by pols and their aides. Because of the holiday, I thought we’d have at least a couple more days to work on the veto, but I guess the “important” people wanted it out of the way.

    It’s interesting that not one single name of an ABC leader is on the ABC webpage. I simply cannot comprehend a so-called “reform” group–an activist group of any nature on any issue–that does not list a board, a leadership team or committee members. What are they afraid of? Let me guess!

    I hope people of good will around the country are watching this. I’m probably preaching to the choir, but no genuine change will happen unless strong, dedicated non-compromising activists are at the helm. Not adoption “professionals” and grateful adoptees who will take what they can get.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say here. Let’s find out just who is fueling ABC – let them come out from under the rug and name themselves!They should be so proud of their “victory.” Why don’t they have the courage to show their faces?!

    Who, in the hodgepodge of the bill’s supporters, really have a MOTIVE for passing this repressive bill?

    BTW, My Illinois non-identifying information was: “Your mother was white, 17 years old, and was born in a state contiguous with Illinois.”

  6. ******So according to ABC, “implied promises” of confidentiality, debunked years ago by activists, legal scholars, judges, and many adoption professionals–and despite NCFA rhetoric, have never been demonstrated –is now accepted by Massachusetts deformers as “fact”– a lie we must “respect.” *****

    Benedict bastards indeed. Betrayed their own mothers too.


  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Until we rid the world of adoption and state-issued birth certificates, we’re going to continue to have this problem. It’s kinda like the whole “gay marriage” debate. It wouldn’t be a debate if the state would get out of the marriage-licensing business, as it used to be. The state should also get out of the birth-certificate-issuing business. As long as the state is in it, the state will define the rules. I have one mother and father, deemed by God and nature and not by the state. I was separated from them and state documents that I can access may provide the wrong information, but in my heart and to my family and the world, I provide the correct information (thanks to a private search firm–as if I’m waiting on North Carolina and Virginia to have open records). It’s in the state’s interest to deem people as parents, whether they really are or not. Stop relying on the state to define this for you.

  8. Thinking Mama has got to be the only other person I’ve run into except for myself (and some nutty fundies who are in a different category who neither of us are in) who object to state-issued birth certificates and marriage licenses. I’ve long argued for their abolition.

    The whole state “certification” thing has a long history, and came about by various factors One of the big reasons for state certification of the intimate 100 years ago, was the tracking and prevention of VD. Remember when you had to have a blood test to get married-thankfully that’s no more).

    Now everybody’s life is tied up in legalistics: insurance, travel, bank accounts, inheritance, Little League, ad infinitum. One can’t live any semblance of a normal life in the US without the “breeder document” birth certificate. It is one of the vested iron heels of the state. Without it you not only don’t exist, you can’t exist.

  9. Well said, Marley. Very frustrating to see a lot of these so-called experts continue to get taken seriously by politicians. The only real experts out there are the adoptees like us who have had to spend long years and vast fortunes trying to find out a few scraps of information about who we are.


  10. My comment is the blog I wrote the day after my governor signed this into adoptee abusing law:
    Should I print this out and send it to him? LM BITTER AO!

    September 7, 2007 – Friday


    And so satan gets another knotch in his belt of injustice…This time the son of a bitch used Massachusetts State Governor to get it. Not that Patrick wasn’t up to no good in MA anyway. There are at this moment hundreds of thousands of people in my state who are furious at him for other reasons. I can’t help but notice. I hear it on the radio every day and read it in the newspaper all the time. They’re anger however parallels mine because the issues are somewhat similiar. Yet twisted, like the contortions of one possesed by the devil. Take a long look at Patrick’s eyes. Lucifer has made himself quite at home. If adoptees are the epitomy of anything, we are the epitomy of an idenity crisis. I laugh at men who spout the term mid -life crisis because that is nothing compared to what I’ve gone through. What all adoptees have gone through. Most of us are stuck in one for most of our lives too. Ours don’t make us cheat on our spouses however. But I think Governor Patrick is suffering from one as as well, the kind of idenity crisis that most likely comes from current abuse of power and forgetting where I came from syndrome. Power has a way of doing that. Making one forget. Making one forget the pain of others. Making one forget why it is important to grant laws that are moral and fair. Making one forget why it is imperative not to let injustice be bought, like you know people… Some of Patricks’ ancestor’s were bought. They were sold too. Luckily, the African Americans were freed from a life being lived in an emotional straitjacket. I wonder how good ole Governer Patrick would of felt if good ole Abe Lincoln only freed some of the slaves. You know, the ones born before 1874 and after 1908. I wonder if he would of been outraged if he and other African Americans had to remain slaves because they were born in 1889 and were forced to watch other African Americans sipping lemonade in the shade, as they worked in smoldering heat breaking their backs. I wonder how he would feel too if he was one of those men forced to be someone he did not want to be, having the National Council For Slavery waving an ice cube in front of his face he couldn’t have…..telling him slaves don’t really want to be free. They don’t want the children taken from them and sold. They don’t want to know who their slave parents are that they were separated from. They’re white slave owners fill that need & I KNOW they don’t want this ice cube either….Isn’t it nice to know we live in a country that has liberty and justice for all!! Where freedom isn’t free at all but bought and sold and certain groups that screamed oppression can now oppress an adoptive child’s God given rights for just the right price as good ole Deval allows homosexuals to adopt in MA….just as he has allowed himself, a person who should understand bigotry and the crimes it commits against the human soul betray his brothers and sisters. I KNOW Martin Luther King spent last night rolling over in his grave……while adoptees everywhere chanted, Free at last, Free at last, Deval Patrick is a hypocrite, we are ALL NOT free at last…..God knows I did……..

    This blog is being sent in for @

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