Isn’t this just peachy!

Rick Armon, at the Akron Beacon Journal writes yesterdaythat our favorite Ohio agency, A Child’s Waiting, is not only still IN business but suing the state for $25,000+ in damages claiming Ohio refused to live up to its end of the deal when it booted the Skank Sisters (Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik).

I check ACW’s page periodically and saw that it was still in business. You’d never think that they’d been ordered out of the day-to-day operation and to stop taking new cases. Not sure if they got their new board, but I doubt it.

Armon says amongst the findings of the Ohio Jobs and Family Services:

• The agency took on three additional cases when not permitted.

• It failed to submit required monthly reports for children in its custody.

• Owners didn’t step away from daily operations as required.

”This case involves an adoption agency that is unwilling or unable to keep track of the children within its care,” state attorneys wrote in response to the injunction.

Armon interviewed me a couple weeks ago for an unrelated story that’s not up yet, and told he’d noticed when he drove by, their sign was down. I knew it was too much to expect that they’d packed up for Hell.

No word on Evelyn Bennett yet. What does it take to get your kid back?

Thanks to UBL and Claud for the heads up!


  1. I posted a link to the injunction filed in Summitt County OH on my blog, http://www.plaintiffPAP.blogspot.com.

    I’m not happy to see that ACW is using injunctive relief to get around administrative efforts of state licensure. But I’ve seen other agencies do this in the past, Easter House comes to mind and the appellate case they filed in Illinois several years ago.

    I also haven’t forgotten the TV news special involving this agency a few years back.

    The enforcement of licensure rules is lax in too many states.

    Yes, I am a former PAP with a failed adoption under my belt and and after nearly six years of litigation against my former agency, I’ve changed my attitude about adoption entirely.

    I’m very much in favor of adoptee rights. And more rights for first families.

  2. I hate to admit it but I’m not really surprised. Not only are greedy con men (persons?) ripping off Americans, but we are being taxed to make these same crooks whole after their greed got them in trouble. Given the relative importance of defenseless children who have no material wealth to steal relative to investment bankers and stock traders, why should we be surprised that greedy adoption industrialists are continuing to profit at their expense.

  3. What was done to Stephanie Bennett was unethical, manipulative and should have been illegal. She was terrorized by the father of her little girl, coerced into lying to her parents and put in the worst possible position. The adopter/kidnappers who headed for the hills when the news broke are equally responsible for this sad miscarriage of justice. Of course, they just did what one of the skank sisters hubby told them to do. Foul Doings!

  4. Is the only way for these twits to make money is by pimping children?

    Seems that their art therapy school isn’t pulling in the bucks like herding & selling children did.


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