No Justice for Masha: Part 937

Masha Allen continues to pawned through the US justice system. James Marsh reported today on his ChildLaw Blog that Masha Allen’s federal lawsuit has been dismissed due to, of all things, “failure to properly plead a basis for federal jurisdiction.” I don’t know the details but according to Marsh:Despite the trenchant involvement of a reconstructed legal team consisting of much-sought after guardian ad litem Cambria County bankruptcy attorney Timothy J. Sloan (who replaced Masha’s former mother Faith Allen as lead plaintiff), Georgia attorneys David S. Bills (who blogs anonymously about Masha’s case at, William Q. Bird and Darren Summerville (who were originally hired by Faith Allen who reportedly now lives in Georgia), and Pennsylvania First Amendment attorney Thomas Vecchio (who replaced renowned Philadelphia attorney Robert N. Hunn who withdrew under protest last year), Masha “did not oppose (and consents to) dismissal [of the lawsuit] without prejudice on ground of lack of subject matter jurisdiction.” . 27 lawyers have been involved in this case, and still Masha can’t get one splinter of justice. (Where are all those politicians who vowed to help her?) She turns 18 in August and will be out from under the thumb of the state then, Continue Reading →


This week James Marsh has published two blogs about Masha Allen’s case: PA’s lax judicial oversight in the Masha Allen case : During the past four years numerous questions have been raised about how and why then-Allegheny County Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen was allowed to preside over the adoption of Masha Allen by her namesake and former roommate Faith Allen. Includes links Marsh’s documents regarding Masha (Have a strong stomach and a crash helmet on while reading.) Masha Allen’s celebrated adoption–What went wrong?, a collection of quotes from the the media and public figures who supposedly stood in Masha’s corner, including this from Cong. Phil Gingrey (above left with Masha and Faith Allen’s Angel in Adoption co-sponsor): Faith Allen is a shining example of the selfless love adoptive parents give their children. Faith is more than just Masha’s adoptive mother; she is her pillar of support, providing encouragement as Masha bravely shares her story. Everyone who spends time with Faith and Masha feels the warmth and kindness that make Faith an Angel in Adoption.” Gingrey hung Marsha out to dry when allegations of abuse by Faith were made known to him. To quote Marsh, Gingrey claimed it was a “‘parental Continue Reading →


BIG news on Masha Allen (born Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) tonight. On December 3, 2009 Faith Allen’s parental rights were been terminated! Masha is once more an “orphan.” Twice adopted. Twice terminated. Custody was returned to Cambria County Children and Youth Services. Masha’s whereabouts and physical and emotional well-being are unknown.Masha’s newest attorneys Francis P. Maneri and Darren Summerville have filed a motion in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey to appoint Masha’s current Pennsylvania State guardian ad litem, Timothy J. Sloan, as her new representative party in the Federal complaint. From the language of the motion, it appears Faith Allen (right) terminated her parental rights voluntarily and walked out the door. If I learn more I will post it here. We hope that this new development marks the beginning of justice for Masha, though no amount of money can ever compensate her seemingly never-ending abuse, pain, neglect, and exploitation at the hands of Matthew Mancuso, Faith Allen, the adoption industry, venal courts, social workers, and politicians. We hope Timotohy Sloan does right by her. As I wrote a few years ago, Masha is “the Rosetta Stone of corrupt international adoption.” I have been covering Masha’s horrific Continue Reading →


Niels at Pound Pup Legacy has put up a tremendous page on Masha Allen. The page is a 1-stop resource for activists, researchers, adoption reformers, and media who have been following the case. I was aware of some of these new developments, but hadn’t had the time to write about them. Other developments are new to me. Kudos to Niels–and those who continue to care about Masha and continue to fight! And may those “adoption professionals,” child welfare “experts” and courts who betrayed Masha burn in hell.


Masha’s former lawyer James Marsh has issued a statement on ChildLaw Blog regarding this new lawsuit: Last week we inadvertently discovered that a Philadelphia law firm recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of our former client Masha Allen. We hope that Masha may now finally begin the process of obtaining some measure of civil justice from the individuals and entities which were complicit in her ongoing sexual abuse and exploitation… …Unfortunately the current litigation does nothing to achieve the Georgia Bar’s longstanding edict aimed at safeguarding Masha’s future.Go here to read the rest.


On September 15, Masha Allen and her “guardian and parent” Faith Allen filed suit in the US District Court District of New Jersey against adoption agencies Families Thru International Adoption, Child Promise, Reaching Out Thru International Adoption and adoption social worker Jeannene Smith under the descriptive term Negligent Adoption Placement. When Bastardette first read the phrase on the Civil Cover Sheet she thought it said “Malignant Adoption Placement” a better term, though probably with no legal legs. Masha is asking for $100,000 in damages, which seems awfully low to me. But as they say, you can’t get blood out of a turnip, and maybe she’s looking for a reasonable amount that could be collected. Masha was already awarded $200,000 in “mandatory restitution ” from her pedophile purchaser Matthew Mancuso. According to the law, this paltry amount is supposed to cover “the full amount of the victim’s losses” over a lifetime (yeah, right!) Masha received nothing from the confiscation by federal authorities of Mancuso’s property, business, investments, and other assets estimated to be in the millions. I am not sure where Masha’s “mandatory restitution” is, but for all intents and purposes she is a state-dependent pauper under the “guardianship” of her Continue Reading →


I have made two minor changes in the text: removed page numbers to make it easier to read and made a note in italics to indicate that Point 33 is missing. ****** UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF NEW JERSEYMASHA ALLEN, by her Parent and :Guardian FAITH ALLEN :Johnstown, PA 15907 ::vs. ::FAMILIES THRU INTERNATIONAL :ADOPTION, INC. :400 Bentee Wes Court :Evansville, IN 47715 :And :CHILD PROMISE, INC. (formerly known :as Reaching Out Through International :Adoption, Inc) :c/o JOSEPH P. HUDRICK :Registered Agent :4 Ridge Road :Southampton NJ08 088 :And :REACHING OUT THRU :INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION, INC. :c/o JOSEPH P. HUDRICK :Registered Agent :4 Ridge Road :Southampton NJ 08088 :And :JEANNENE SMITH :312 South Lincoln Avenue :Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 : CIVIL ACTION COMPLAINT PRELIMINARY STATEMENTThis action seeks compensation from the adoption businesses who facilitated and permitted a pedophile to adopt, sexually molest and exploit the minor plaintiff for approximately 5 years. Despite one red flag after another, the defendant adoption organizations recommended, facilitated and assisted a pedophile in the adoption of the minor plaintiff. Once placed with the pedophile, appropriate post placement evaluations were not performed. As a result, the minor plaintiff suffered unconscionable, repetitive and ongoing sexual abuse and sexual Continue Reading →


James Marsh from ChildLaw has created a new blog: Omens. The Omens that appear there are of Masha Allen, the Russian girl sold into sex slavery by the American adoption industry, now abandoned once more, and disappeared into the child welfare system under highly mysterious circumstances. Marsh was Masha’s attorney and advocate until he was no longer allowed to be. These entries are taken from court documents and transcripts, correspondence, news articles and other in-their-own-words publicly available primary sources. They are called Omens because they were harbingers, red flags, warnings of what was to happen to Masha after her rescue from pedophile Matthew Mancuso. Marsh writes in his introduction: Starting today I will begin posting noteworthy harbingers with the hope that readers will consider this from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I will refer to these tidbits as omens; something either good or evil that is believed to foretell the future. For those unfamiliar with Masha’s case look at my entries on this site under her name (labels) at Nikto Ne Zabyt–Nichto Ne ZabytoFor a update on what has happened to Masha–as far as anyone Continue Reading →


I’ve been meaning to post this for some time. The Indian Association for the Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare, in conjunction with Olgivy & Mather, Mumbai have produced a set of adoption ads–Adoption. You will receive more than you can ever give—that can only be termed “disturbing.” (No, the picture to the left is not one of them!) Olgivy and Mather should know better It’s not some trash outfit. I happen to be very big on advertising aesthetics and am probably one of the few people reading this who actually consider advertising an art form. I can spend a lot of time perusing magazines for ads, not articles. That no one seems to have noted that this campaign, which was a 2006 finalist in the London Arts competition, screams pedophila, surprises me. I’m probably naive. These are ads that only a Matthew Mancuso could love. Too bad he can’t see them, but he’s in the slammer for the next few decades for forcing Masha Allen (latest Masha entry with links to earlier posts) to nurture him and his camera on a daily basis until the FBI caught him. Perhaps if Masha’s chief agency Child Promise, formerly known as Reaching Continue Reading →


According to Masha Allen’s last counsel of record, James Marsh, ChildPromise, formerly known as Reaching Out Thru International Adoption (ROTIA), the agency most responsible for placing Masha with pedophile predator Matthew Mancuso has gone out of business. No reason given. (ChildLaw, Cambria County Casualty. Also see Marsh’s related blog, Children for Sale–Guatemala Pedo-Paradise) As Marsh reminds us, none but Mancuso have been brought to justice, legally or morally–or even received a slap on the snout, for their parts in Masha’s tragedy. Jeannene Smith, coordinator of Masha’s adoption at ROTIA, which was not licensed to operate in New Jersey at the time of the adoption, has walked away clean as the Virgin Mary, despite attempting to “mislead” the FBI and the US Congress about her role in the placement and lying to New Jersey officials and destroying documents during that state’s investigation. So brazen is Smith, now treasurer of the self-created international adoption lobby, Focus on Adoption, that last October she waltzed right in to the Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference Future of Guatemalan Adoptions panel Q&A to advocate “concurrent planning” (local/domestic and international placement) without worrying about “cultural barriers,” to get children “released as quickly as possible.” Translation: keep the Continue Reading →