James Marsh from ChildLaw has created a new blog: Omens.

The Omens that appear there are of Masha Allen, the Russian girl sold into sex slavery by the American adoption industry, now abandoned once more, and disappeared into the child welfare system under highly mysterious circumstances.

Marsh was Masha’s attorney and advocate until he was no longer allowed to be. These entries are taken from court documents and transcripts, correspondence, news articles and other in-their-own-words publicly available primary sources. They are called Omens because they were harbingers, red flags, warnings of what was to happen to Masha after her rescue from pedophile Matthew Mancuso.

Marsh writes in his introduction:

Starting today I will begin posting noteworthy harbingers with the hope that readers will consider this from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I will refer to these tidbits as omens; something either good or evil that is believed to foretell the future.

For those unfamiliar with Masha’s case look at my entries on this site under her name (labels) at Nikto Ne Zabyt–Nichto Ne Zabyto
For a update on what has happened to Masha–as far as anyone knows–go to One Child’s Unending Abuse–From Disnsey World Girl to Drifter by Christoher Witkowsky and Julian Assange. Marsh will be posting additional Omens regularly.

I call Masha the Rosetta Stone of corrupt international adoption–and now domestic adoption.. How many others are out there whose stories we don’t know? Masha, I hope you see this.


  1. It just makes me want to cry. There is a lot of strength in people who survive the kinds of abuses that some of us have endured and can come back to fight. After reading what the evil ones can perpetrate on the most vulnerable, I have to meditate to cleanse my spirit.

  2. Reading this was a very difficult read.

    Hideous, and sick minded people who prey on young kids, need to be put to death.

    And that would be too good for them.

    Reading this makes me sick.

    exploitation of young innocent kids is death penalty material to me. How many times does this have to happen for these animals to get their just dues?

    Why are they allowed to recommit this crimes over and over without being punished?

    Why isn’t our government doing more to get these sick perverts out of our society.

    ONE answer to that is they don’t care if it didn’t happen to them or their family they don’t give a dam. And besides, that it doesn’t bring them any money and add to their bank account.

  3. What happened to Masha? She “disappeared”? I thought she was placed in a safer home, or went back to Russia-her whole story breaks my heart-she deserves love and peace, not any more trauma. The son of a bitch who adopted her, she should of been able to sue for every red cent, and then been able to start a new life for herself-and then watch him die in an electric chair. Wherever she is, I hope to any goodness in this joke of a planet, she is alright.

  4. Actually, Masha is sitting on a lot of money The only problem is the state has never, for mysterious reasons, bothered to set up the consevatorship. So, she has money o paper, but not in her hands. Another unanswered question. There are too many weird things about this case, and nobody who knows the answers will talk.

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