MORE STEW: "Medical Adoptions" and "Saving Adoption"

Bastardette is on several email lists where Medical Adoptions (see previous entry) is being discussed. Adoptees and fellow travelers continue to find the page brilliant; the professional adoption class continues to dither in its stew. Some JCICS (Joint Council on International Child Services) agencies reportedly have complained about the site to the FBI and other “authorities.” If foreigners read the page, they’ll believe long-standing tales that USians adopt baybees for body parts, Of course, this is blatantly untrue. Nobody steals child kidneys and gall bladders–only identities. Ultimately, this grousing is all about “saving adoption” and much of the complaining comes from the same crowd that tried 3 years ago to stick a gag in Masha “for her own good.” Adoption is just such so fragile…Clearly, the “institution” of adoption is much more important than the children it allegedly serves–even victims of sexual violence like Masha or those killed by their “forever families.” And let’s not even look at what it does to grown-up beneficiaries! Do we still need to discuss what the war against adoptee rights is really about? Adoption apparently can only flourish in secrecy. Anything–Masha’s speaking out, a satirical webpage, Who’s Your Daddy?–are clear and present dangers to Continue Reading →


I have been aware for some time now that only part of Masha Allen’s story has been made public. The tip of the iceberg as they like to say. Today, more of that iceberg surfaced with revelations, Child Exploitation Cracks in the Floor, written by Masha’s ‘s advocate James Marsh and published in his ChildLaw blog. Masha’s story, of course, is not an isolated incident. It is emblematic of the systemic rot that permeates the international and domestic adoption industry. Masha and innumerable victims of child trafficking via adoption are the product of an official government and trade conspiracy of silence, greed, and self-promotion and protection fancied up in terms of “privacy,” “confidentiality,” and “child’s best interest,” to cover their own a$$e$. (Where have we heard that before?) Like the Catholic Church, these government and private agencies and their individuals protect their businesses, cover-up the misdeeds of their colleagues, and do nothing to prevent further abuse outside of an occasional tongue clucking or finger wagging. Mostly, they attempt to shut up the victim. When the victim refuses to obey, she (or her advocates) are accused of harming the institution of adoption, so fragile, that without secrets and fiduciary non-accountability, it Continue Reading →


On Tuesday, January 17, 2006, Masha will tell her story live on Oprah at 4 PM EST. On Wednesday, January 18, 2006, her attorney, James R. Marsh, Esq., and advisor, Maureen Flatley, will appear on Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News at 8 PM EST. On Thursday, January 19, 2006 ABC Primetime will air an update on Masha’s story at 10 PM EST. On Friday, January 20, 2006, the Oxygen network will air Oprah After the Show. Learn more about Masha’s story at 7 PM EST. For further details contact Marsh & Gaughran LLP at or visit Masha’s Story Old news but still relevant:December 13, 2005Today Masha named internationally known child welfare expert Thomas D. Morton, MSW as her envoy to Russia on adoption issues. Mr. Morton has worked in the field of child welfare for more than thirty years and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Child Welfare Institute, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the improvement of outcomes for children entering the child welfare system in the United States. Prior to his current position he served on the faculties of four American Universities. Since 1994, Mr. Morton has worked collaboratively with Orphanage 19 in Moscow to expand Continue Reading →


Bastardette is so far behind she’s ahead of herself. Or is she down so long it looks like up to her? Whatever, over the next few days she’ll be posting some thoughts that have been setting on the blogger dashboard waiting for the checkered flag. Maybe by January 1, 2006 The Daily Bastardette will actually come out daily! This gem came off a private list sent to Bastardette by a co-conspirator. Of course, these sentiments aren’t made in a vacuum. Log on to the FRUA discussion groups for some more. Please note that not all FRUAites are as dense as this doorknob. Some absolutely get it. Unfortunately, our correspondent below seems to hold to the Catholic Bishop’s view that victims just need to shut up and get over it. After all it’s old news–and it might hurt me and my friends from acquiring little Sasha and Sveta.Bad bad Masha! Ploxo Masha! It’s difficult to even comment on this tripe, so I’ll let ‘er rip other than to say I hope Lathova & Co. read this (Bastardette has Russian fans, ya know). Hey, she even lived next door to the US Consulate on Ul. Furstatskaya in St. Petersburg. NOTE: As an Continue Reading →


Holy Who’s Your Daddy! Should we be surprised that the National Council for Adoption–or at least its member agencies and adoptocrat friends in high places–have spearheaded a campaign to censor the scheduled December 1 ABC Primetime feature on the Russian adoptee known as “Disney World Girl” who was grossly sexually abused by her “forever father”? In case you don’t remember, in 1998 “Disney World Girl” also identified as “Mea,” or “Masha” was adopted from a Russian orphanage at age 5 by wealthy Pittsburgh pedophile Matthew Mancuso for the sole purpose of sexually abusing her and selling pictures on the Internet of his nightly rape rendevous. Mancuso is currently serving a 15 1/2 year federal term for a 2003 conviction of trafficking obscene material on the Internet. On November 14 he was sentenced in Allegheny County Common Pleas court to another to 35-70 years state time on 11 counts: rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, unlawful restraint, incest, corruption of a minor, child endangering, and 2 charges each of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child and indecent assault of a child under age 13. From the beginining, Masha and her new adoptive mother, identified Continue Reading →


The response to Forever Family–Forever Dead has been overwhelming. All of it has been positive. Well, almost. You might ask who would complain about a blog dedicated to the memory of Russian children murdered by their adoptive parents? Right? Well, I’ll tell you who., that’s who. Deemed “anti-adoption,” Bastardette has been booted off forums, her account cancelled, and at least one of her essays housed in its Internet library removed. And for what? For writing The Daily Bastardette! Specifically: Publishing Forever Family–Forever Dead. Yes, you read that correctly! Those oh-so adoption friendly and supportive folks at have declared Bastardette “disrespectful” of adoptive parents and adoptees. (No mention of birth parents, but do they really count over there anyway?) The “official” reason, if you believe the mod’s zany lecture, is that the use of the term “adopter”–in Bastardette’s own blog not on the forums–is “anti-adoption.” (We’ll be discussing the term “adopter,” and why it’s a “threat” in a future blog.) But “adopter” isn’t used at all in Forever Family–Forever Dead. In fact, it appears sparsely on these pages–April 3, May 6, May 8, and May 25. Of course, it wouldn’t look good to beat up on small children Continue Reading →